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How to Browse free (Only in Lagos)

Their is a promo going on in Lagos and I don’t know when this promo will end, let’s get to the point, but before that.

Actually in Nigeria, when people see post like this, they think it’s a scam, that the author just want visitors to visit their site and in turn huge traffick is generated. That is true but not for this site, because this information is 100% guaranteed, and why is that, it’s because I also enjoyed this free stuff, the day I visited lagos.

Wounded for you-Click on image

1.) So in order to enjoy this plan, first make sure you have 50 MB or above (but I thought it was free; yes it is)

2. Use that 50MB to Download red cheetah app from play store

3. Open the app, fill in the necessary details

4. On your WiFi and start browsing

5. Their is a limited amount of GB that you are given per day.

6. It requires no root

Here is a screenshotHow to browse free only in lagos

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