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How to download YouTube videos, into phone storage using your browser.

We all know that, when we download videos from youtube, we can’t access the videos in or phones storage, meaning we can’t share the videos with friends and families, but here is a good news.

You can download YouTube videos into your phone via the the procedures below.

So it’s time to show you how to download accessible YouTube videos into your phone storage.

First Procedure

You need to go to YouTube.com on your browser and locate the the video you want to download.

Note: to avoid redirections and stress I would advice you switch on data savings, for those using opera mini, change your data savings to extreme mode.

Secondly ProcedureĀ 

In your tab menu you see the URL inform of https://m.youtube, now you need to remove the m. and change it to ss I.e https://ssyoutube.

Third procedure

The pages loads and displays an ad, then you need to tap on the the arrow(>) above the page.


Fourth Procedure

Once the page loads, choose the video quality you want and download.


With this you can download YouTube videos into your phone storage which you can share, edit or do whatsoever you want with it.

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