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How to Share Apps Via WhatsApp Platform




Last Updated on by Emmanuel

Many of you never knew you could share applications on WhatsApp, all we do with WhatsApp is send text messages, video calls, send cool pictures and documents.

But should you know that apart from all the aforementioned, there’s something which is important that could have helped some people, at some point of need in their lives.

Well am not sure about the United States, but let’s take my country Nigeria for example, for those using Airtel, you should all be familiar with Airtel social bundle, a plan that enables you to connect to the internet world via Facebook, WhatsApp, operamini and Instagram only.

Now imagine that one of the apps listed above went missing, and all you have is this social bundle or Whatsapp plan, and believe me there will always come a time when you won’t have real data no matter how advanced you think your country is, however let’s get to the main point of this beautiful post.

How to Share Apps Via WhatsApp Platform

The first thing you need is a file manager, but I will recommend ES file explorer, if you don’t have you can use your normal phone files manager

2.) Make sure the app you want to share is not just installed on your phone, but could also be located in a folder via the file manager.

What if the app is only installed on my phone and can’t be located, is there a way out? Yes there’s

Checkout: How to save or backup your installed apps on your phone internal storage in a folder

3.) Locate the app which you want to share, tap and hold down for a second, then tap the share button

Sharing app via WhatsApp

If your file manager is a nice one like mine, this should pop up; share via lan, WhatsApp, xender, and lots more, so just tap on share via WhatsApp, the app opens immediately.

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How to save or backup your installed apps on your phone internal storage inside a folder



Last Updated on by Emmanuel

Most times, when you download applications from playstore or the likes they only get installed on your phone i.e your RAM and are not stored on your phones storage.

Take for instance, by mistake, one of your apps got uninstalled and then you discover that the only option you have now is to download another one and waste MB.

But, with this that I am about to reveal, Know for sure that all your important apps could be backed up and this could safe you the stress in future, if by chance you make a mistake.

How to save your installed apps on your phone internal storage in a folder

1.) I willl recommend you get es file explorer installed on your phone, this does the job smooth and fine

2.) Launch the app, and at the home page you should see images, videos, apps e.t.c. The picture below you help you understand

3.) Click on apps, and a page that contains all your apps should be open.

4.) Locate the app which you intend backing up, tap, hold down and a pop up should be displayed

5.) Then look at the tab beneath, and on finding backup feature, tap on it, this should backup your app immediately and save it in a folder called backups.

See how to share apps on WhatsApp

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How To Earn From Jumia, Konga And Kilimall as an Affiliate



Last Updated on by Emmanuel

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals (according to google).

But I would just put it this way, affiliate marketing is a System, whereby by you sell a product that belongs to another person and earn commission for doing that(Simple).

Their is a subheading named secret in this post (make sure to read it).

Checkout: ITel A56 Pro Review, Specs and price in Nigeria

So todays post is all about how to make money in Africa (e.g Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon) e.t.c with the top 3 Affiliate networks.

Note: For the first 2, you don’t need to own a website, but for the other you might need a website because of their strictness.
So like I said you can and would earn commissions from jumia and konga without owning a website.

1.) JUMIA (14 Countries)
Jumia is a pan-African e-commerce platform. The platform consists of a marketplace, which connects sellers with consumers, a logistics service, which enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers, and a payment service, which facilitates transactions among participants active and Jumia’s platform in selected markets. for electronics, and fashion among others.

It has partnered with more than 81,000 local African companies and individuals and is a direct competitor to Kilimall in Kenya and Konga in Nigeria.

Started in 2012 in Lagos, the company currently has a presence across 14 African Countries (According to Wiki)

Jumia Commissions
As you can see fashion as the highest commission, do if you are the type that know a lotof people who buy things e.g clothes, shoes (I congratulate) but if not I also congratulate you cause you are both going to earn.

Come on you don’t need to know anybody to earn commission all you need is for people to get to jumia through your link and purchase products, then in turn you get coolcash. Still confused use the comment button.

Jumia commission

I won’t say it easy but if you know people or have friends who buy from this online stores e.g jumia and konga, then you are one step ahead, but if you don’t continue reading.
If you are a youth and you get this right you could help your community and even your nation, why?
Take a look at this; Let say you’re in Nigeria and you registered for jumia affiliate marketing.

Then it happened 14 people let say couples from 10 out if 14 countries bought their wedding products through your jumia links ( we all know this can’t happen in a week but it can in months) you’ve gat to believe in the impossible before the inpossible can happen.


So let’s say they all bought products worth of 100 thousands
8% of 100 thousands is 8000


8,000 *14 = 122,000
Then 122,000 * 10= 1,220,000
Let say it happened in 5 months that would be
1,220,000 ÷ 5= 224,000 thousand Naira.
That means if it happens then it will be equivalent to you earing 224,000 Naira per month, cool right, that is why you need to sign up. The link is below

How To Earn from jumia as an Affiliate
1.) You need To sign up, it’s free (Click here to Sign up)

Once you sign up, do come and use the comment box in case you have questions.

2.) Make sure you summit a valid email

3.) Start any by sharing products links, banners and when a purchased is made you get a commission

2.) KONGA (1 country NIGERIA) is a Nigerian e-commerce company founded in July 2012 with headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State . It offers a third-party online marketplace, as well as first-party direct retail spanning various categories including consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, children’s items, health care and personal care products.

Don’t be discouraged by kongas commission, cause you could earn triple by signing up for all the 3

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KONGA Commissions

3.5% commission on sale of Fashion products
3% commission on sale of Toys/Kids products
3% commission on sale of Sports and Fitness products
3% commission on sale of Automotive and Industrial products
3.5% commission on sale of Beauty, Health and Personal Care products
2.5% commission on sale of Home & Kitchen products
2.5% commission on sale of Electronics
2.5% commission on sale of Accessories
2% commission on sale of Computers (Laptops & Desktops)
1% commission on sale of Phones & Tablets
2.5% Commission on sale of Drinks & Groceries


Let say you shared your link and about 10 people where able to purchase some fashion / personal care products through your link with an average worth of 100,000 naira each I.e the products each person bought was worth 100,000 each

That would be

3.5 % of 100,000 = 3,500 Nara


3,500 × 50 = 175,000 Naira

As you can see fashion as the highest commission, so if you are the type that know lot of people who buy things e.g clothes, shoes e.t.c from KonGA (I congratulate you) but if not I also congratulate you cause you are both going to earn big.

Believe it or not you don’t need to know anybody to earn commissions from konga all you need is for people to get to konga through your link and purchase products and then cool cash flows into you purse. If still confused use the comment button.

How To Earn from Konga as an Affiliate
You need To sign up, it’s free (Click here to Sign up)

Once you sign up, do come back to this page and use the comment box in case you have questions.

2.) Make sure you summit a valid email

3.) Start any by sharing products links and when a purchased is made you get a commission

3.) Kilimall (3 Countries NG, KE & UGANDA)
Kilimall is an African e-commerce company currently operating in Kenya, [1] Uganda [2][3] and Nigeria. [4] The company was founded in Kenya in 2014 by Yang Tao as a direct competitor to Jumia. Kilimall operates three e-commerce models, through online shopping,namely; FBK where both local and global sellers are allowed to store their products at Kilimall warehouses with no charges,D.S (drop shipping) where local merchants stores their products at their own premises while selling on the platform and G.S (global shipping) (According to Wiki)
Kilimall unlike jumia and konga require you to have bank details before you cank sign up.

Their signinig up procedure is stric, butno worries, coz once you have all the information they require, you get aproved within 24 Hours.

When signing my ID is 5cc84964d948b copy and paste it in the referral ID

Killmall Commission

Being Kilimall’s Affiliate, you can earn up to 8% on each sale made by your users within 30 days

How To earn from Kilimall as an Affiliate

1.)You need To sign up, it’s free (Click here to Sign up)

Before signing up, make sure you have your bank details ready, if not ready go and when you are ready come back to thus page and click the link to take you to the sign up page.
Once you sign up, do come and use the comment box in case you have questions.

2.) Make sure you summit a valid email

3.) Start earning by sharing products links and when a purchased is made you get a commission.

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Top 10 Dream league Skills and How to perform them 2020



Dream league skill

Last Updated on by Emmanuel

Dream league is a football game that offers you the chance to expertise your football skills virtually on the screen.

Today’s post is about how to perform skills in dream league and we all know that for any of your dls players to perform any skill in dream league you need to tap on the screen.

Below are the top 10 skills in dream League

1.) Rainbow flick : The rainbow kick is a trick used in association football, in which a player steps to the side of the ball and flicks it up round from the side of them (According to Wikipedia).

Rainbow flick

Image Credit: unisport

For a player to perform this, just swipe up twice to initiate.

2.)Bicycle kick: In association football, a bicycle kick, also known as an overhead kick or scissors kick, is an acrobatic strike where a player kicks an airborne ball rearward in midair.

Inorder to do this, a player needs to receive the ball in the air, then swipe left to shoot.
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3.)Step over: According to wikpedia The step over (also known as the pedalada, the denílson, or the scissors) is a dribbling move, or feint, in football, used to fool a defensive player into thinking the offensive player, in possession of the ball, is going to move in a direction they do not intend to move in.

To do this skill Swipe right to go right and step over or Swipe left to go left and step over with the ball.

4.) Roulette : The Marseille Turn, also known as the 360, the Roulette, and the double drag-back, is a specialized dribbling skill unique to the game of football. Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane are arguably the most notable exponents of the move, thus it has also been known as the Maradona turn and Zidane turn (According to Wikipedia).

To activate this swipe down When running with the ball.

5.) Two-footed rainbow flick
To perform this skill just swipe up diagonally from left to right on the screen.

6.) Heel flick passing
Swipe on right and then press button B quickly.

7.) Volley
A volley is an air-borne strike in association football, where a player’s foot meets and directs the ball in an angled direction before it has time to reach the ground. A volley can be extremely hard to aim and requires good foot-eye coordination and timing (According to Wikipedia)

To perform a volley, you need to swipe up and then press the C button to finalize.

8.) Mid range curler
The way Long Range Drive works is that it increase accuracy from long range. Its not a skill that you activate, its more passive. So if your player isn’t a good curler already, then you might not see much difference (According to reddit).

Outside Curler just means that they can use the outside of the foot for shots and passes.
To perform this skill, just swipe left and press the B button.

9.) Standing Step over
This is Feint skill used to tricking attackers just like the step over but for this you player remains on the same sport.

Todo this you need to swipe the screen twice, while standing.

10.) Dribble
It involves a player carting away with the ball, through skillfull use of the analogue stick.

Now go and become invisible, Like and Share.

If you have any problem performing any of this skill kindly use the comment box and also if you were able to perform this skill without any problem also use the comment box thank you.

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