Infinix Zero 8 Special and Hidden Features

Secret features of Infinix zero 8

What exactly are special features according to geniusspecs

Well this are features that makes a smartphone distinct from it peers and also they are the major reason why many of you reading buy a particular smartphone or the other.

Sometimes it might be the camera, battery, name it, with an extra addition.

Infinix zero 8 special and Hidden Features;Diamond glass protected camera

This first thing that makes this lovely is the rear, I mean the quad camera design and arrangement. The four lens all together make up a triangle, but the quad led flash was place just beneath it, thereby forming angle 360°. 

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Ultra night cameras

The 64 Megapixels rear main and the 48 Megapixels front main camera are both ultra night camera. And when you hear ultra, it means not ordinary.

The 64 MP Sony IMXP686 sensor and 48 MP front lens support 4k videos, 950fps.

In ultra night mode the raw alogrithm restores the night scene to the max and delivers amazing selfies at any angle, even with the backlight or at night.

We also have the ultra night video recording lens of 2 MP

Special features of Infinix zero 8;Smooth Display 

Infinix zero 8 display has a refresh rate or frequency of 90 Hz, as if it’s not enough, the touch sampling rate is 180 Hz, I can’t imagine how fast browsing through the display would be.

Ultra Wide Angle

Just like the ultra night, Infinix zero 8 also features ultrra wide angle cameras and we see both the front and rear lens being 8 Megapixels shooters.

I need not explain the function of these, but for those that are not aware, these lens as their name implies permit wide coverage clear shots. 

Super cool features

They include 3D body shaping (don’t really know the purpose for this), then we have AI eye tracking, scene detection, and ultra steady video. This features are straight forward and as their names already explain what they do.

Infinix zero 8 Hidden or Secret features; Multi-dimensional liquid cooling Technology

When I say secret, I actually mean many people don’t know about it, yeah including you reading to this, if no, fire me using the comment box.

This device comes with a ten layer heat dissipating material, that cools Infinix zero 8 down when the phone is used for heavy task that heats up the phone.


With the Helio G90T chipset and octa processor coupled along with game turbo v1.0, touch sampling speed of 180GHz and 8 GB of RAM, makes speed to be at your disposition. I mean I don’t care what you do, but this I know, speed is always guaranteed.


A power house rated 4,500 mAh that can charge up to 70% in 30 mins, meaning within 1 hour, this phone is fully charged, all thanks the 33W super charge.

Where to buy

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