Infinix Hot 10 Special and Hidden Features

Infinix hot 10 special features

This smartphone called Infinix Hot 10 is the best ever, and for that to be, some hidden, secret and special features must be available.

I would have love to had actually concluded this post with the subheading below, but it’s necessary that I start with it.

Helio G70 Processor

This could be very much referred to as a gaming processor, so I don’t know how complex the files of the games you want to play are, here’s what Infinix Hot 10 has to say; bring it on.

According to infinixmobility Hot 10 Happens First ever in the Hot series to possess an Octa-core Helio G70 processor. Maybe you think that’s all, well I’m glad to say that you’re wrong. 

Infinix hot 10 has an intelligent management of CPU, GPU and memory. And you should know that it gaming performance has been greatly improved. 

Take Note: If you don’t play games then you don’t need this phone but, what if you’re a girl who loves friends taking shots of her all the time, well I think Infinix Hot 10 quad rear camera could use a hand.

Game Mode

Before I make you read over an hundred words, the main influence of this special feature on the Hot 10 is that it ensures mobile optimization. while mobile optimization ensures speed and also a more immersive gameplay.

Here’s what infinixmobility revealed; Game Mode Mobile customization creates a more fascinating gaming experience, with different modes of quality priority, equilibrium mode and smooth mode being on offer. 

Therefore, with the aforementioned in place, the frame rate speed has increased by 125%, while the gaming time has been extended by 113% on a single charge due to optimized power consumption, and an overall wi-fi access time increase of 6.7%.

Quad Rear Camera

On the rear is sorted 4 rear cameras of 16 MP. But like I said in this post (Infinix Hot 10 Specs, Price) there’s more to that.

We have 4 lens, one being the main rear wide camera that performs the major function and then we have the other three additional lens. Their functions are explained below.

Bokeh or depth-vision lens of 2 Megapixels. This is responsible for bokeh effects. A feature whereby you can choose to blur unimportant stuffs in a classic way in your shots or maybe put the 💯 focus on a particular thing while everyother thing is blurred or blurry.

Macro lens of also 2 MP. Capture those tiny object In big format by zooming into the Micro world.

AI lens and as the name implies is responding for anything that has to do with AI cameras and the most common of all is AI beauty.

Document Mode

Document mode Hot 10

According to infinixmobility, The 40mm macro camera makes it easy to grasp the subtleties of the view and restore the sense of details.

DTS Sound Mode

This feature improves sound quality and offers an immersive audio experience. With this, one could run a small party with the Infinix Hot 10 speaker.


Since I was born, I have never seen a Hot device with 6 GB of RAM before. Most smartphones with 2 GB of RAM run heavy games and apps, now imagine what the Hot could do.

As if that’s not enough, you’ll find a Mega, massive, large storage of 128 GB. Now tell me how big are the files you want to store, they are not up to half of the Hot 10 storage.

5,200 mAh

Powering this device is a 5,200 mAh battery, coupled with power saving, ensures uninterrupted power supply.

Xos 7.0

As stated by Infinix, XOS7.0 features a new visual design with trendy and rich color to enhance excellent user experience.

It is not only combined with intelligent features such as Smart Scanner, Ear-sensor Receiver, Ulife etc., but also boasts outstanding performance and lastest native android features.


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