ERR_CACHE_MISS; How to Fix in Google Chrome PC/desktop

Err_cache_miss fix

ERR_Cache_Miss How to Fix in Google Chrome PC or desktop; Over 70% of the people surfing the internet make use of Google Chrome, but there has been a trending issue “ERR_CACHE_MISS” and this post is about fixing, fasten your sit belts.

What on Earth exactly is “Err_Cache_Miss”?

Well for those who have experienced this, and couldn’t figure out what could have caused it, “Err_Cache_Miss” happens to be a problem with caching.

Caching is the process of storing data in a cache. A cache is a temporary storage area. … When you return to a page you’ve recently looked at, the browser can get those files from the cache rather than the original server, saving you time and saving the network the burden of additional traffic.(According to Wikipedia)

However this error message may come for a total different reason, but rarely.

Here are the three major causes of err_cache_miss

1) It may be that browser, extension or settings has been corrupted.

2) Or incorrect coding or PHP issues for the website being accessed.

Most common

3) Chrome is unable to get cache files from the website being accessed.

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If Err_Cache_Miss could be Fixed, How-To

The first thing you need do is to open your chrome browser, Scroll to the top right corner and click on the three dots. Then scroll down and click on settings.

Setting up

Once the page opens, go to advance settings, located at the bottom. And then, under privacy and setting, click on clear browsing Data.

A pop comes up showing how old the data you want to be cleared should be. Select all time, and move to the advanced section, where you’ll Also select all time.


Then tick every other thing apart from password and other sign in data, after all of that is done, you can bodly click hit clear Data.

This should do the trick, but peradventure it doesn’t work the next step got you covered.

Restoring default settings

Head back to advance settings, and click on restore default settings. 


Oops, that didn’t also work, well stay with me my esteemed visitors, because this problem must be solved.

You Know what close that chrome browser and try the next method.

Using Command Prompt

Locate and open start, type cmd and click on search.


You find this guy command prompt, right click on it and click run as administrator.


In the midst of doing that, a pop notification, depicting “would you like this app to make changes to your system” all you need do is to tap on yes.

Now type the following commands one after the other, each accompanied by the enter button.

Imputing command





netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

ipconfig renew

ipconfig renew

Make sure to hit enter after typing each.

Okay, now restart your system and all should be fine.

Sorry but what if that didn’t work, for real, well we’ve got more work to then.

Go To Your network and internet (Err_cache_Miss)

Open your start up menu, head to settings, after which you click on network and internet.


Scroll down and click on network reset. A page opens, you hit the reset now button.

Reset network

And then, a notification bar asking the question, are you really sure that you want to reset your network settings, yes Ofcourse.

So, restart the system once again.

Are you back because none of the aforementioned worked, if so, let see what we can with the next method.

Let’s Go back to Chrome (Err_cache_miss)

Go to chrome shortcut, right click, and hit properties. Go to Target, at the end of the content in the target tab, place your cursor, and leave space. Like tap on your space key once. 

Chrome shortcut

After that type in this command and hit okay. Go back to chrome and your problem should become history.

Let assume this  above too doesn’t work, the next item should be of help.

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Using MSconfig (Err_Cache_Miss)

Head back to start and type MSCONFING, then open the system configuration App. Scroll to and click on the services tab, then mark hide all Microsoft services, and after that, hit disable all. 

Don’t close the tab, rather scroll to and open the setup tab, click on open task manager and disable your service, then close the task manager tab.

However in the previous tab click on apply first, and then okay.

Then press restart and launch your browser

Screenshots Courtesy: Gadgetstripe

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