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25 Gaming Terms, Slang and Cool Lingo to Know About

Gamers all over the world are familiar with the slang and terms used in their games. It is not unusual for players to convey any information to their teammates rapidly in multiplayer games. 25 gaming terms slang is used in matches as yelling long sentences does not help anyone on the team. There’s even bingo slang online!

Some gaming terms are specific to games of specific genres. However, many gaming terms are prevalent in most games. We’ll start with the slang or terms most commonly used in gaming.

25 Gaming Terms
25 Gaming Terms


When playing an online game, lag can be defined as a delay between the player’s action (input) and the character’s response (output).


Due to their proximity, O and P keys are often interchangeable in gaming slang. The gaming term Pwned refers to dominating your opponent’s team and gameplay in a match.


A player must wait a certain period of time before he or she can use an ability in the game again. This period before a character can use a skill again is called Cooldown.


When an outnumbered player in a match defeats the opposing players one by one, they win the round.


An instalock is slang for a feature of multiplayer games that prevents other players from selecting the same character immediately.


As a child, you probably watched little blue people. Smurf is the name given to a player with a high skill set and competing against players with a lower skill set through their own “smurf account” or someone else’s account. Gargamel will not be able to save you from these smurfs if you’re a lower-skill set player.


An angry or frustrated player will leave an ongoing match if they are frustrated or angry. In some YouTube videos, you may have seen gamers smash their keyboards or controllers out of frustration; that is what we call rage-quitting, another term that you should keep away from.


In video games, camping refers to the tactic of sitting in a strategic position on a map to obtain an advantage in the game.

25 Gaming Terms
25 Gaming Terms


The kill-death ratio, or K/D, displays how many kills a player has had per death.


Typically, the DLC gaming term refers to the content created by the developers after the game is released. Content that can be downloaded for free or for a fee is known as downloadable content. These updates may include additional characters or locations for the game.


Gamers use the slang term GG to describe a good game. A commonly used expression at the end of an online multiplayer match lets friends and teammates know that you had a fun time together.


Gaming slang refers to buffs as weapons or tools with high stats with the latest update, making them more effective. As an alternative, Nerf weapons have lower statistics than other weapons.


In gaming, cheesing refers to a strategy that requires very little skill or knowledge from the player to defeat the opponent. Cheesers are often found exploiting bugs and glitches in games or performing the same moves repeatedly once they beat a boss.


Aimbots are illegal programs that enable players to aim perfectly with the software they are using. First-person shooters like CS: GO use these bots to adjust their aim whenever an enemy enters the frame automatically. They are sometimes called auto-aim.

Easter Egg

A hidden message known as an easter egg may appear in any form inside a game. You can use an image, a video, or even a secret feature hidden in the game to reveal it. They can be difficult to locate, but they are always fun to find.


Computer-controlled characters are called bots in the gaming world. Most games do not allow players to interact with them.

Bullet Sponge

Another gaming term is a bullet sponge, which refers to an unplayable, hard-to-kill character. Hence, the slang term bullet sponge refers to characters who are hard to kill.


An AFK (away from the keyboard) gaming term is used when you’re not at the computer. Your teammates will know that you won’t be available to play for a while by typing AFK in in-game chat, which you can do at any time.


The HUD, or heads-up display, displays important information about a character, such as his health.


To steal or seize something of value or to kill a character, especially a cornered, weaker, or lower level player character: I got ganked—never saw it coming.


Grinding in gaming is when the player repeats repetitive actions for the purpose of gaining experience. A gamer can grind to collect XP for several reasons, from getting in-game items via XP to moving forward quickly in the game.


A Toxic player usually refers to someone being a mean player who is irritable or rude to teammates or opponents. They usually disrupt matches by yelling or saying mean things, which makes the environment unplayable.


Poggers is a gaming slang mostly limited to Twitch gaming service. The term boggers expresses excitement or excess joy.


It is a slang term for how long it usually takes to kill an enemy player during a gun battle.


Gamer slang for “overpowered.” It signifies a weapon that is strong enough to defeat multiple opponents or a player who can dominate multiple players alone.

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