Learn These 4 Easy Ways to Delete Pages From Your PDF

People often claim that the trick to making something more manageable is to learn how to keep things simple. It also goes for the contents of your files. It is a lot easier to understand and comprehend your file if the specifics are kept plain. There may be several pages in your files that are redundant and only serve to make finding knowledge more difficult.

Delete Pages From Your PDF

When exchanging documents online, portable document format (PDF) files are commonly used to retain formatting. Let’s say you want to delete any pages from your PDFs that you don’t want anyone to see or aren’t needed. Will you return to the editable file just to remove that section? What would you do if the only copy you have is a PDF? Let us help you learn the easy methods to delete pages from PDF. Keep reading!

1.PDFBear’s PDF remover

There are many reasons you might want to delete pages from your PDF. It may be unnecessary, or you simply don’t want others to see it. Here are the simple steps that PDFBear offers so you can remove that page easily.

  1. Pick your PDF from your file directory and upload it to the web. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file onto the tab.
  2. Select the pages that you believe aren’t important. Just choose which pages you want to delete.
  3. After selecting pages, press Apply Changes and wait for PDFBear to finish processing the file.
  4. You can now save your work offline and share it with others after the file has been processed.

You can recommend it to everyone so they can profit too, from PDFBear’s services! 

What makes PDFBear different?

Many online PDF removers are available online, but PDFBear has made its name with good branding. Take a look at these advantages and try to experience them today.

Time-saving and efficient

You’ve arrived at the right place if you need to remove pages from a PDF file quickly. The mission was made simpler by PDFBear, which is to complete it in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, thanks to its user-friendly interface, anyone can use this tool, even though they have no prior experience.

Accessible anywhere

Even though we are now amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unavoidable to relocate. You might receive a call while you are not home telling you that you need to submit a file. The problem is that you want to get rid of some redundant pages from your PDF.

PDFBear is here to support you, no matter where you are. You can access the website from any computer since everything is done with cloud technology. In terms of operating system and web browser compatibility, it will also function flawlessly. PDFBear works for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer on Windows operating system, Mac, and Linux. To get the best website experience, make sure you have a decent internet connection.

Private and safe

If you’re concerned about your privacy, rest assured that PDFBear will protect you. It will permanently delete all files processed with the tool one hour after the download connection is created according to the site’s privacy policies.

2. Adobe Acrobat 

If you ask a random person how to remove pages from a PDF file, they will undoubtedly recommend Adobe Acrobat. When it comes to PDFs, Adobe Acrobat is a household name. It is application software that allows you to work with portable document format files.

To delete pages from a PDF, follow these measures if you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer.

  • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • To organize your pages, go to Tools > Organize Pages. On the right pane, you can also choose Organize Pages.
  • Mark the pages you want to delete and then press Delete.
  • After you’ve completed the steps above, click OK.
  • Save!

It’s important to remember that Adobe Acrobat is a paid program. It also takes time to update and consume memory on your device. Other methods for removing PDF pages from your document are listed below.

3. Google Chrome 

This third approach isn’t exactly a method for removing pages from PDF files. Remember that you just keep the required pages for your file, but the end goal remains the same. You can use Google Chrome to delete the parts of your PDF files that aren’t required. Follow these four quick measures. In your browser, open the file.

  • Select File > Print from the File menu.
  • You can see Destination. Choose Save as PDF from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Pages > Custom.
  • Enter the page numbers you’d like to keep.
  • Press Save after setting the file name and location.

Isn’t it very different from the previous methods? In any case, you should keep the pages you use while discarding the ones you don’t. If you have a Mac and don’t have Google Chrome, follow the steps below to delete PDF pages using Preview.

4. macOS Preview

Via Preview, macOS has a built-in PDF editor. If you don’t know how to use it to remove pages from PDF files, now is the time to learn! Simply follow the steps outlined, and you’ll be able to remove PDF pages successfully! 

  • In Preview, open the PDF file.
  • Select the page to be removed by clicking the preview thumbnail.
  • Simply press the Delete key on your keyboard and repeat the procedure for each page.
  • Save by going to File and clicking Save.

The advantages and disadvantages of deleting PDF pages

Without the irritating blank and unnecessary pages, sorting and interpreting the contents of a PDF is easier. A smaller file size makes it easier to send and store. It would help save the environment by reducing the number of paper sheets used to print the text. 

Deleted PDF pages, of course, have limitations. If the file is restricted, you may not be able to edit or remove pages using Google Chrome or Preview. To do so, you’ll need the password. If you’re eliminating PDF pages from your document, however, there won’t be any issues.


Keeping it easy, brief, and simply makes navigation easier. It is easier to locate a particular document if you keep your files neat and organized. You can also apply this way of thinking to PDFs! Go to PDFBear now and start deleting the unnecessary information!

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