5 Tips that Make Random Video Chatting More Awesome Than Ever

Do you already feel like you have a pretty good grasp of random video chatting? Even if you’re an expert, you might still learn something you didn’t know before. For any newbies out there, the advice below could help them skip the usual learning curve and jump right into the fun stuff. 

Random Video Chartting

When you fire up the random cam chat, what do you hope will happen? If you’re using a site like Camgo, you never quite know what to expect, but the chances are good that you’ll enjoy it. The people you end up chatting with may be chosen by the algorithm, but you still have a lot of influence over what happens. Remember, if a chat isn’t going your way, you can leave anytime you want. Whether you’re uncomfortable with your chat partner, or simply bored with the conversation, a new random chat is just a click away!

And now, let’s get to the stuff you’re here for. You may have already tried some of these tips, but hopefully, you’ll find something useful below. 

Video chat at different times of day

One of the main talking points of many random chat sites is that they have users from all over the world. It’s always fun to meet people from different cultures, so that’s definitely a great reason to try random video chatting. However, differences in time zones could get in the way of you meeting a bunch of these international users. If you’re consistently video chatting at a certain time of day, you might be missing out on meeting people from entire swathes of the globe, simply because they’re fast asleep while you’re making new friends online. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: just mix up your schedule a bit, and you could find yourself meeting people you’ve never been able to catch online before. If you were really interested in what goes on while you’re normally away from the random chats, you could try staying up late or waking up early. It might not become a part of your daily routine, but it could be amusing to try once or twice. 

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Test out a few curveballs

Random video chats give you all the room in the world for experimentation, and you should take full advantage of that. Provided you stick to the chat site’s policies, you can talk about literally anything; if you can come up with something really creative, though, you can do more than just talk.

Think along the lines of competitions, debates, or games. Karaoke competitions can be a lot of fun, and you don’t even have to be good at singing. If you want to add an additional element of hilarity, sing in character as one of the Muppets, or put on a fake accent. Debates can be done in earnest, or they could be satirical – for instance, you could take sides on the pineapple-on-pizza controversy and argue as your lives depended on it. Games like “20 questions” and “truth or dare” are easily adaptable to a webcam chat, and if your chat partner isn’t familiar with the rules, it’ll only take them a minute or two to learn. 

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Bring in reinforcements

If you feel like your video chats could use a little more pep, call in a friend or a sibling to mix things up a little. Not only can they help fill out the conversation, but they can act as either participants or judges if you’re in the middle of friendly competition. 

Another reason to invite someone to join a chat is if you’re feeling a bit insecure about your chatting abilities. An extra friend could help enliven the conversation, or they could just stick around to provide moral support. Either way, you may feel better knowing that someone’s there for you. 

Look for people who can teach you something new

With all the people you can meet on random chat sites, you’ll definitely end up talking to a few who already know how to do something you’ve been interested in forever. Whether that’s baking the perfect brownie, flint-knapping, or how to flirt in Arabic, you can use random video chats as a resource for learning skills from a real person, instead of just looking it up online. Yes, you’re still on the internet, but this gives your new skill a human touch that you can’t get from even the most well-researched article. 

If you think that people might be annoyed at being asked to teach a stranger something, think again! They’re already talking with you anyway, so it’s not like you’re making demands on their precious time. Besides, people enjoy talking about things they love, so what difference does it make if you happen to pick up some knowledge along the way?

Be open to hearing about other points of view

Even if you’re pretty sure you won’t see eye-to-eye with a chat partner, it could still benefit you to hear what they have to say. You’ll meet a lot of people you don’t agree with within the course of random video chatting, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone has a unique perspective that’s shaped by their cultural norms, upbringing, and personal experience. If you’re willing to listen to unfamiliar viewpoints instead of just finding people who’ll agree with you all the time, your own worldview will probably change for the better as you learn more about how people think in various parts of the world. 

How will your random video chats improve now that you have these tips to use?

Any and all of the above suggestions can improve your random video chats, but there are plenty more that you’ll discover for yourself – these are really just starting points. Random chatting comes with the usual limitations of internet-based interactions, but in some ways, you have even more flexibility than you could ever get in real life. The question is, how creative can you get during your video chats?

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