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7 Game Changing Tips to WIN MORE GAMES! – Valorant Guide

Game Changing Tips

Valorant is an FPS team-based video game. It sets players as Agents to attack or defend their team. Players can support their different abilities with weapons ranging from sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, etc. 

While Valorant can be interesting, winning more games is always tricky, even if your team is attacking or defending. However, there are some game-changing tips to help you win more fights in Valaront, as you’ll find below. Also, if you need more tools, we’ve got an effective Valorant aimbot hack to support your adventure.

Meanwhile, let’s explore the game-changing tips to win in Valorant.

Tips to Win More Games in Valorant

1. Focus more on Impact than Kills

Many players get caught up in fragging out and trying to throw 30 bombs at enemies. Most times, it can help you win. However, you don’t want an unstable strategy that gives you victory sometimes. It would help if you had something that works all the time. What could that be? Focus more on impact than kills.

The impact you make is what gets you, and your team kills. For instance, instead of focusing on searching and fragging enemy players, create a space for your teammates. You can throw smoke and dash into the site to distract the enemy. As the enemy crosshair is mispositioned, your entire team can safely push in and make their kills.

2. Engage in Team-Based Plays

Valorant is a 5v5 game. Communicating and creating new strategies is your best bet to getting much more wins. For instance, you can direct where you want the smoke to drop during a site hit or where you’d like your team to throw a flash. This move will disable the enemies’ vision and blind players around the area. This will provide cover for the team as they approach an area and vice versa making it very easy to kill enemies. 

3. Pick an Agent You Know

Winning more games in Valorant depends on the agent you’ve picked. Picking an agent you’re comfortable with and can use very well is the best move. If you choose an agent, you have never played or controlled, your chances of losing will increase.

Better still, understand at least 2 to 3 different agents before jumping into Valorant battles. Learn their movements, abilities, and how they work. That way, you can always identify which is more comfortable for your play style.

4. Optimize your Sensitivity for Aiming Accuracy

Optimizing your sensitivity in Valorant plays a significant role in enhancing the game’s performance. If your sensitivity is not set correctly, you’ll struggle to get a precise aim and shot. But if you lower your sensitivity to the appropriate level, you’ll have a more precise aim, and getting kills will follow.

To set up your sensitivity, multiply your in-game sensitivity by your Mouse’s DPI. Experts recommend playing somewhere in between these two values. Using a mouse DPI of 800 and an in-game sensitivity of 0.326 is ideal for your sensitivity. 

5. Pick a Role to focus on

The role you pick has a significant impact on your playstyle. For instance, if you are on a duelist, you’d want to be in the front line pushing aggressively. 

On sentinel, you must be in the back and more passive. This way, you live longer and can heal your teammates and yourself whenever necessary. 

Even though you can always switch from one role to another, it’s better to stick to any role you select.

6. Learn Tricks with your Agents

Every Valorant agent has some tricks to take your gameplay to another level. For instance, Raze has her double pouches, which you can pull off to cover distance and outsmart the enemy.

Jett also got some fantastic combinations, like the Ascent. You can use updraft and sprint over the rooftop on B and dive into the site swiftly. This is a great trick to take enemies by surprise, especially when you enable Jett knives. There are a lot of things you can do once you master your agents. 

7. Don’t expose yourself. 

Winning more games in Valorant can only happen when you’re alive. So you have to be careful with flexing your tactics in the game. Don’t expose yourself to avoid getting shot from an unknown angle.

Take cover behind walls as you survey and scan the building. Keep an eye on your crosshairs to quickly identify the enemy’s positions and movements. No matter what you do, try your best to fight till the end.


Valorant is a tactical agent shooter game with two teams of 5 players attacking or defending their team. To win more games here, you’ll need to focus on impact. Engage in team-based plays, pick your preferred agent, and optimize your sensitivity for accurate aims. 

Furthermore, you must pick a role to focus on, learn tricks with your agents, and stay alive. These are the game-changing tips you need to win more fights in Valorant. 

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