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Guess what?  

Geniusspecs is back with free advertisiment again.

Are you a tailor, blogger, teacher(not school teacher), carpenter, barber, fashion designer e.t.c. 

And what to get the world, or country, or state, or area where you live informed, but don’t have the financial resource now, maybe because you just started or because many people are not aware of the service you offer.

I tell you this day that your dreams are about to come as geniusspecs is offering 15 advert space for the first 15 people (old or young) to apply for this advert.


1.)we do not place advert that as no good impact on the community.

2.)Make sure your email is valid.

(Optional) if you wish, you can subscribe to when this site publishes new post and many more.

We Have 4 Advertisement Space

Above Post– banner size 728×90


Out of 100% (80% is offered for 5 people)

I.e 16% per person (16% visitors sees it)

Middle banner– banner size 350×250 / 700×50


Out of 100% (60% is offered 4 people)

I.e 15% per person (15% of our visitors see it)

Below post banner– banner size 350×250 / 700×500


Out if 100% (100% is offered to 5 people) (am so generous)

I.e 20% per person (20% of our visitors see it)

Widget banner- banner size 350×250 / 700×500 


Available for 1 person (100%)


1.) your full name 2.) Email

Message box input and number this

3.) type of business or service 4.) Name of business or service

Optional/ not necessary

5.) Do you want your advert to be linked to a particular page (that will be created for you free of charge)  6.) The text/content you want to be in that page.

[ninja_form id=3]

After submitting, if the form shows confirmation msg as been sent, ingnore and read the text below.

After submitting, within 44 hours, if it meets with our terms and condition, you will be contacted via email to receive the banner that would be posted.

Your can help us by sharing our sites to friends of family, which in turns blesses when it brings many visitors, and they see your Ad.

Note: Every advert with ( ads by geniusspecs) tag is one of the free advert.

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