Airtel Giving Free 4GB Data, How to get yours

Hello and hi there, hope you and your family are save and doing fine? Am sure your answer would be yes, I want you to know this, all is well, alright.

Todays post is about Airtel giveaway, that is Airtel is giving free data to every Nigerian out there, you know to save you some money, in this kind of situation the country has gotten into.

The free data being given combined together sums up to a total of 4 GB, but don’t get your hopes up already there’s something you need to know.

Well the thing is to get this 4 GB of data you have a part to play .

Before you commence this procedure I would advice you have nothing less than 50MB, why?, You’ll get to Know.

This includes two different procedure
The first gives you 1GB of data and the second gives you 3GB of data, please read carefully, before launching.

How to Get Free 1GB Data on Airtel, using Airtel app

1.) You need to downloaded Airtel app, stay with me.

2.) Once the app is downloaded, install and open it.

3.) After that you would be required to input your phone no, but note make sure the phone no you intend on imputing is the one in your phone, why?

4.) An otp(one time password) will be sent to confirm your phone number.

5.) That’s all but take note that it might take 24 to 44 hours to get the congratulations message, because mine took 44 Hours.

Airte free Data congratulations

Please; whenever you get your congratulations message do return to this post to comment 😊 using the comments box

Procedure 2

How to get free 3GB of data using my Airtel TV app

This might not sound pleasing to your ears, as this data i.e the 3 GB data only works for Airtel TV app, but don’t feel disappointed yet, because Airtel TV app has variety of film categories, but hello don’t spend all the day watching movies, am sure you won’t.

1.) Download Airtel TV app.

2.) Install and open the app.

3.) You would be asked to input your no, so make sure the no you are about imputing is the same with the one on your phone.

4.) A otp(one time password) code will be sent to you no, copy and paste it.

5.) That’s all, for this you just need to wait for 24 hours. Did you know I had two Airtel Sims and got 6 GB together with the other making 8 GB of data.

Airtel TV free 3 GB DATA

Please don’t forget, once you get yours come back and comment, geniusspecs appreciate thank you for visiting.

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