Airtel, MTN, Glo & 9Mobile Number how to check

Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9Mobile Number check


Let say you just got a new airtel SIM or you have been using for quite sometime now but it happened that you do not know your phone number. The question that come up in your mind is how to check and that is what this post is going bto reveal.

General methods used in checking Airtel, Glo, MTN & 9Mobile Number

  1. Recharge the phone number and call a friend or family, after which you could copy the number on such person phone.
  2. Sending a text message to any of the aforementioned could also do trick, then copy your number from the phone which you texted.

However, Below are specific methods for checking any of your phone numbers.

Code to check Airtel Number

This happens to be the fastest and easiest. Jut Dial *121#. then select manage my account afterwords choose my number. woohla, a pop notification message come up, which contains your number.

check my airtel number

However, one could easily know his or Her airtel number by dialing someone else number, after which you check and copy your number from the person’s phone.

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MTN Number Check code

To check your MTN number all you need DO is to dial this USSD *663#. Once that is done a pop-up containing your MTN phone number comes up. 


Glo Number Check

Glo customers are also given the privilege to check their number via dialing a shortcode on their mobile phones. Whether button, Android, iOS there’s no limitation. Therefore, the code for checking glo number is 1358#. In addition to that, you can also visit Glo website to check your phone number.

Etisalat/9Mobile Number Check

9Mobile is no exception to this, also popularly know as etisalat. A shortcode is a available for all 9Mobile users to check their phone number. This shortcode is *248#. Once this code is dial your estisalat number appears on the Screen

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