Airtel Night Plan Code

Airtel night plan code: Out of the 4 most popular network providers, we have Airtel and one thing about them ( the network providers) is that they all offer night plans for specific prices.

However, the code for this(Airtel) night plans is always the issue, but through this post am going to reveal all you need to know.

Airtel night plan Requirements

The first step you ought to take, in order to be eligible for the night plan of Airtel is to migrate to SmartTrybe 2.0 on your Airtel SIM. And how do you go about this?

code for Airtel night plan

Start by dialing*312#, after which you get a pop up message, with a list containing three options, the first being migrate as the picture above reveals. So select migrate and once that is done you’ll be notified. Having done all that, the Airtel Sim that was used is now eligible for night plan subscription.

Airtel Night Plan code and Price

Go to your phone app again, and dial the short code *312#. Now you’re going to select no 3, which is 250MB for 25 Naira. The validity of this night plan is usually between 12 AM and 5 AM after which, one will be disconnected from the internet till the following day.

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How to get 500 MB For 50 or 1GB for 100 Naira Naira on Airtel night plan

Though the option available is 25 Naira for 500 MB, However, this plan could be doubled by simply repeating that step again. Meaning if the step is repeated twice you get 500MB but if 4 times, 100 Naira will be deducted, while you’ll be given 1GB of Data.

Limit Of Airtel Plan

Yes, there’s a limit, don’t think you can spend more than 125 Naira on Airtel Night plan in a day. Why? It’s because, once that plan is repeated 5 times, you won’t be able to purchase another night plan till the following day.

Can I Purchase Airtel night plan before 12 AM

Of course, you can, there’s no harm in doing that. Let say you even purchased it in the afternoon once it gets to 12 AM you’ll be able to use your plan.

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What’s if I don’t exhaust my Airtel Night plan

Will you believe, if I say that anytime Airtel Night plan is purchased and it happened that the one who did so didn’t exhaust it before 5 AM, such data is preserved till the following day.

Code for Airtel Night Plan Data Balance

Hmm, Normally we use *140# to check any data plan balance on Airtel, but when it comes to night plan we use our head to calculate if it’s finished or not. Even when you dial the shortcode above, it doesn’t appear in the text message sent by Airtel.

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So if you have any questions on the Airtel night plan code, use the comment section below, this is geniusspecs informing the world.

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