How to download with Airtel social bundle 2020

How to download with Airtel social bundle

Airtel social bundle over the years has helped many to surf the web at low cost, it use to be 250 naira for 1 gigabyte, but that changed over time to 300 naira for 1 gigabyte.

Today, it’s a different story entirely as the Airtel social bundle offers only 600 MB of data that spans 24 days, for the same amount, that is 300 naira.

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This social bundle could be used with Facebook, WhatsApp, WhatsApp status saver, Instagram, and Opera-mini.
Recently, users discovered that with the new versions of Opera-mini and even the old versions, pictures, videos, apps, and files that are below 15 MB could no longer be downloaded; not that the download feature doesn’t come up it does, but then, after the download feature is clicked, it only shows file downloading but never downloads the file.

Download with Airtel social bundle
Here’s a screenshot

After deep research, I got the solution to this problem and even on how to download files more than 15 MB with Airtel social bundle on opera-mini

How to Download with Airtel social bundle (there’s a link below to download the apk)

1.) All you need to do is to download the opera mini 7.5 old apk, and open the app

Note: you don’t have to uninstall the new version, you can have both installed

Operamini old version and new version

2.) Go to the page wherein you wanted to download the file from or copy the download link from your New version of opera-mini

How to copy the download link of a file from opera mini browser

  • Open the download menu

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  • Clicked on the 3 dots at the right end of the file that you want to download
  • A pop up comes; then click the copy link

How to copy download link on

3.) Go to your old opera-mini and paste the link in the URL bar

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Download Opera-Mini 7.5 old apk

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