Apple now allow developers (Apps) to send push notificatios

Apple phone image

Apple updates it’s app store guidelines as it now allows developers to send push notifications through apps to Apple users.

Developers have been for long banned from sending notifications for promotion or advertisement, but things are about to turn around as apple lifts ban. Developers can now send notification through their apps provided that the customers or users are given the opportunity to either opt-in or not and the opportunity to also opt-out, when they are longer interested

Apple as been criticized due to it sending out push notifications in the past that are very much like ads but have restricted other companies from doing such.

The possibility of users accepting or opt-in for these push notifications depends on the relevance of such an app to users. Let’s take for instance, a football news app, those that love football will opt-in in while does that do not really love football will not.

Even though Apple is been criticized for having a rule for itself and another for other companies, their intent for restricting notifications is a good one, as this has prevented developers from spamming or sending irrelevant notifications to apple users, but with the new policy, this could be checked.


Apple announced the deadline for “Sign in with Apple” to be implemented. All apps with single sign-on systems are required to offer Apple’s alternative by April 30th. Let me explain apps requiring you to log in with your Facebook or Google accounts must now have an apple login, thereby permitting apple users to log in to different apps with the same Apple ID.

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