20 Best Nigerian movies download sites

The Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood, has grown significantly over the past ten years. For this reason, I’ll be sharing the best websites to download Nigerian Nollywood films for free in 2022 in the best quality. In addition, you can use some of these sites to download foreign films as well, ensuring a variety of films.

20 Best Nigerian movies download sites

I’m a great fan of Nollywood films from Nigeria. I figured it would be nice to list the websites I use to obtain the newest Nollywood films for free, some of which charge you to see Nigerian films in 2022.

Some of the websites I’ll provide can be utilized in part to get movies from other African countries, in addition to Nollywood and Ghana (tho not prominent).

Nigerian movies download sites


One of the finest places to locate both trendy international movies and movies from Nigeria rapidly is Netnaija.

This website is ideal for downloading free 9ja movies and other types of movies.

Additionally, they provide the option to download comedy videos, football highlights, and Yoruba movies.

They also provide you with the most recent entertainment news, audio song downloads, and video downloads.

2. Iroko app

The largest outlet for downloading Nigerian movies must be this one.

Additionally, you may use the iRokoTV app to watch thousands of Nollywood films from anywhere on your smartphone.

Additionally, you may watch outstanding and fresh movie material by visiting the IROKO TV official website.

3. Nollyland

With a fantastic user experience, it is one of the best movie platforms in Africa. Nollywood films are available for download or streaming.

On the website, you may download films from Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries.

NollyLand is one of the greatest websites in Nigeria for downloading and watching Nollywood movies, and it is a reliable way to watch and download both new and classic Nigerian movies.

4. RealNollytv

You may get free Nigerian movies from the website. One of the easiest places for downloading Nigerian movies is this one.

Although you must first register in order to access anything.

After registering, you now have access to all of the current and classic Nigerian films produced by the Nollywood business.

5. Youtube

The most recent and classic 9ja movies are available on the well-known streaming service Youtube in crystal-clear HD versions.

There are a variety of YouTube channels that post free and uncut Nigerian Nollywood films, whether they are in Yoruba or English.

The best place to locate and watch Yoruba movies for free and to download them is on YouTube.

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The commercials that do appear when watching movies on YouTube are the only negative aspect of the site.

6. NaijaPals

The most recent Nollywood films are available to view or download on this website.

The website has a ton of stuff, including movies, music videos, and more.

The website is one of the greatest places to download Nigerian movies, and you can also check it out for the most recent news.

7. IBakaTv

The IbakaTV app features hundreds of Nigerian Nollywood films.

Users of Android and iOS may access it. The software allows you to easily download and stream content to your phone.

You may start watching movies of your choosing by visiting their official website.

6. CodedWap

The most recent 2020 Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Indian movies are available for free download on this website.

Additionally, a separate section is devoted to entertainment news.

So, with CodedWap, you have all you need for the newest, cleanest Nollywood movies in 2020 at your fingertips.

7. NaijaOnPoint

In 2020, you may get free Nigerian movies from this fantastic website. Additionally, there are other news and entertainment features.

With this website, you never miss any new Naija movies, just like CodedWap.

8. WapBaze

This website is one of the greatest places to download international and Nigerian movies since it includes a ton of video material.

Additionally, you may view WWE matches, comedic videos, and much more.

9. GistVille

The website Gistville, which is second on the list, is among the greatest places to download both Nigerian Nollywood and international Hollywood films for free and without registering or subscribing.

10. 9jaFlaver

The 9jaFlaver is a dedicated Nigerian movie download site that gives away the most recent Naija films.

This website provides more than simply videos. 9Jaflaver is a fantastic and trustworthy place to go if you’re seeking Nigerian music.

11. Delonifera TV

A website owned by Africans, DeloniferaTV, offers both free and paid international African movies.

Not only that, but they also offer a movie-watching app that you can use to enjoy movies whenever you want, any day of the week.

Both iOS and Android smartphones may download the software.

Visit DeloniferaTV to watch a selection of Nollywood films for free or with subscription.

12. 123Movies

Another well-known website where you may get a huge selection of movies is 123Movies.

This website offers more than simply Nigerian movies. Hollywood movies are also available for download.

To get the most recent information about movies in Nigeria and across the world, subscribe to our website.

The movies on 123 Movies are available for free download and are in HD quality. Downloadable movies with renowned Nollywood actors include Wedding Party 1 and other notable titles.

13. Nollywood Movies

Nigerian movies is all about nollywood movies, news, and filmmaking, exactly as the name suggests.

The website was created to solve the issue of piracy, and as the website is run by actual filmmakers, all of the movies you see there are 100 percent original.

How does it work? After visiting the website and registering, you may select the movie channel to view a preview of the movie you want to watch.

You’ll be required to pay for the movie with your card. After that, you may view the movie whenever you want by downloading it or streaming it.

As many movies as you want can be downloaded. The movies are of a great caliber, and downloading them is not too expensive.

14. 9jaDownload

9jadownload contains a vast collection of these media, ranging from Nigerian music videos to Nollywood films.

On this website, you may also learn the lyrics of well-known Nigerian songs. It’s interesting to note that, in contrast to many other platforms, this one also has evangelical music.

On 9jaloaded, you can also get the most recent Nollywood gossip and entertainment news.

No registration is necessary to watch any of these movies on our site. Simply choose the movie you wish to watch, and you’re ready to start.

15. Video Moja

Another popular website for streaming movies from Nigeria is Video Moja. On the Android operating system, there is a video app for it.

You may quickly and for free view the most recent Nigerian films on our website. You may register and establish your profile on the platform in under a minute.

Then you may begin enjoying free movie viewing. Every week, Video Moja adds new movies, giving you a huge selection to pick from.

To view and stream your favorite Nigerian movies, you may either visit the website or download the Video Moja app.

Action films, thrillers, dramas, comedies, romances, horror, and many more types of films are available for viewing.

16. Nigerian movie network

A collection of Nigerian films may be found on the Nigerian Movie Network. Every day, new movies are often posted on this site.

On this site, you may perform a search for the movies you want to download.

Before you can start downloading movies if you’re a member, you must first log into the website.

But before you can begin, you must first register if you are not already a member.

The site has sections for drama, comedy, romance, Igbo, Yoruba, action, thriller, soap opera, and religious films. You may also explore by movie genre.

On this site, you may acquire the most recent Nollywood news in addition to downloading Nollywood movies.

17. Tv Nolly

One of the best online video streaming services, TVNolly lets you view or download movies.

Over 150 nations across the world use TVNolly’s free and premium video streaming services, which are both available.

U.S., U.K., Nigerian, and Ghanaian viewers make up a sizable portion of their viewing. The following categories may be used to search for your favorite movies: most popular, drama, comedy, Yoruba, Hausa, classic, and Ghallywood films.

The greatest and most recent Nollywood films with A-list actors are available to you through their VIP offerings.

18. Buzz Nigerian

A news and entertainment website in Nigeria is called Buzz. However, among other intriguing features, the website also offers movie downloads.

On the Buzz Nigeria platform, you may download the newest Nigerian films with confidence because the site is often updated.

All you have to do is visit the Buzz Nigeria website and look through the list of Nollywood films that are currently accessible.

19. NigerianFilmz

NigerianFilmz is one of the best sites for movies for movie enthusiasts not just in Nigeria but all around the world, offering everything from Nollywood to overseas films.

These include films from Ghollywood, Bollywood, Korea, Kenya, Bongo, Spain, Pakistan, Arabic, and many more countries.

On this site, you may perform a search for your preferred movie and download it for free, you can also download Nigerian music videos.

The category for viral videos on the NigerianFilmz portal is another intriguing aspect. This is a fantastic place to search if you’re seeking web videos that have gone viral in this case.

20. Nigerian Nation

A fun website to view and download Nigerian movies is Nigerian nation. The website offers news and entertainment, but you can also view your favorite Nigerian movies using the video option.

On this platform, you may also view various live shows, such as previous Experiences. There are several videos on talks regarding the status of the country that you may discover as well.

You’ll find a wide variety of movies and video possibilities on this platform because this website also permits the uploading of films from other sources.

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