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Top 4 Best, Original & Cheapest 20000mAh Power Banks in Nigeria Below ₦ 5,000

Top 4 Best, Original & Cheapest 20,000mAh Power Banks in Nigeria Below ₦ 5,000

If you’re a Nigerian, this one thing is no news to you, up Nepa. Why? It’s because there’s no stable power supply. And there’s always a need for your phone battery to have some juice. This brings up the need for power, and am glad to be the guy you need exactly for this Job.

1.) MOVFA 20000 MAH Fast Charging Dual USB Portable Power Banks


Price in Nigeria is ₦ 4,990, and over 1000 people have bought this power bank, and gave it a Good rating. It also comes with a solar panel, meaning it could be charged mere placing under the sun.

Furthermore it promises to fully charge your phone in 1.5 hours, though not your big phones with massive battery. Those ones will take much time that to be fully charged.

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2.) Generic 20000 MAh Power Bank With LED Light -White

Generic 20000 MAh

Even though we can’t say for sure the real producers of this power bank, it has been purchased by almost 100 people online. And guessed what, majority loved it, as it was up to task.

Price in Nigeria is ₦ 3,850.


Buy this 2000mAh generic power bank Now


3.) Rohs 20000mAh Power Bank For All Phones & Tablets

Rohs 20000mAh

This is another cool power bank you needs own, having over 71 purchase online with good customers reviews.

Price in Nigeria is ₦ 3,999.

Buy Rohs 2000mAh Power Bank Now

4.) B-MARIA Power Bank, Complete 20000mAh

B-MARIA Power Bankk

This one is actually the coolest when it comes to beauty. It has a classic design.

Over 20 people have purchased this power bank online and have testified to it being what’s advertised.

Price in Nigeria is ₦ 3,999.

Buy B-MARIA Power Bank Now

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