How to Bypass OTP on any App with a Virtual Phone Number

bypass OTP

With growing popularity, online applications start paying more and more attention to their security. In light of this nowadays almost every messenger and service requires users to verify their phone number while signing up or even logging in with an already created account. This is made to protect the platform from spam. Most often it is not possible to skip this process which results in the inability to use the most important or all the functions of the application. So it becomes the real issue with the personal cell phones being unavailable or simply unusable in some cases because, for example, not accepted country dialing codes.

That is exactly what situations virtual phone numbers exist for. You can use them to sign up on any online application. It is a perfect tool for those people who want to create additional or multiple accounts on different online platforms for personal as well as commercial use. Alongside saving a lot of time, this option is also way cheaper than driving to the cell phone store and buying a new SIM card. Not to mention convenience. All the processes are done within a few clicks without living the room. It is not required to go anywhere to use virtual phone numbers.

But the best part about such a service is that there is no location requirement or something like this. You can be located literally in any place in the world to take advantage of virtual phone numbers with dialing codes of different countries. For example, to sign up for WhatsApp personal or business account using Malaysian phone number or run your own online store with the UK Amazon seller profile while located in the US. It doesn’t really matter at all.

What is a virtual phone number for SMS verification

A virtual phone number for SMS verification is basically a real and existing phone number. But unlike the last one anyone can use it online to receive text messages without having a mobile phone and SIM card that belongs to it. So this is why most often it is called virtual. To make it available for using it is being connected online to the server through specialized hardware such as a GSM modem or GoIP gateway. After that requester can see all the incoming data on a smartphone, laptop, or PC and display it to other people.

Actually, this is how every platform that provides SMS verification service work. Except for regular users that are also called buyers, there are other people that are called suppliers or providers. They connect their non-personalized SIM cards from different countries to such platforms. After that customers of those platforms receive on them verification codes from various applications.

Support use up on any application

Most often virtual cell phone numbers are used to sign up with fake or numerous accounts on messengers such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Since it is not possible to use any of those applications without verifying phone numbers there is always a big demand. Also, it is a popular choice for signing up on social media websites and online stores. Even though overall it is possible to use them for every application that requires users to verify their identity through receiving verification code on their cell phone. Just like a real phone number.

Benefits of signing up with virtual phone numbers

There are a lot of situations in which people find it useful. Even though most people use virtual phone numbers because of the same benefits. Let’s look at the most important ones from them:

  • Ease of use. Using virtual phone number doesn’t require having a degree in programming and mobile or computer technologies. The process is pretty simple and intuitive. You can start getting benefits from it from the very beginning of the acquaintance.
  • Confidentiality guarantee. Virtual numbers cannot be tracked as well as used to send spam messages. Using them makes people free from receiving annoying notifications about great offers and new discounts in different stores. Also, it saves from the consequences of the sale or leakage of data so it increases your cyber security multiple times.
  • Saving time and money. Getting new SIM card is a labor-intensive and relatively expensive activity. Virtual phone number saves your time and money. You just buy it online and use it to receive verification codes.

There are also many less significant benefits like of using virtual phone numbers like creating unlimited accounts on different applications from anywhere in the world. So everyone can customize them to suit their goals.

Safety and anonymity at the first place

There is nothing wrong with using virtual phone numbers in terms of safety and anonymity. To say more, it makes surfing the internet even more private. You don’t have to provide any personal data to have one or some virtual numbers no matter what. To take all the advantages of such a service it is required only to create an account on the according platform using your email address and it can be a burner mailbox. So there is nothing to worry about. 

How to get a virtual phone number to bypass OTP

You can start getting virtual phone numbers easily after signing up on such platforms as SMS-Man. The cost per number depends on its country of origin and the application that it is supposed to receive a verification code from. At the same time, the minimum price is near the $0.10 mark so it is affordable for everyone. Moreover, it is not difficult to find a virtual number for even uncommon needs and not popular services. There are a few hundred countries and almost a thousand apps presented by both disposable and rental numbers.

At this moment many small and big business companies, as well as entrepreneurs and individuals, use virtual phone numbers to satisfy their needs. But it is easy to understand. It is one of the best ways to solve simple tasks or run a huge promoting campaign on the internet. And you can start using all its benefits right now.

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