How Climate Change Will Influence UK Energy Consumers In The Winter Of 2021?

Climate Change Will Influence UK Energy Consumers

Climate change is no longer a distant event that you do not have to worry about today. You will undoubtedly be affected by climate change in the winter of 2021 if you are a UK business gas consumer or energy consumer. The problem is that many consumers do not understand the impact climate change has had on the UK’s natural resources. Here we look at why climate change is taking place and what could be the possible fallouts of this climate change. 

Identifying The Root Cause Of Climate Change

The main reason why climate change is taking place is that the temperature is rising internationally. The justification for the rise in temperature changes is the excessive greenhouse emissions by countries all over the world. The greenhouse emissions attract more heat from the sun. Under normal circumstances, the trees and natural vegetation absorb carbon dioxide from the environment by a process called photosynthesis. 

Photosynthesis is a process by which trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and also release some carbon dioxide. Trees absorb much more carbon dioxide than they release into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a gas that naturally attracts heat. The presence of excessive carbon dioxide means that sunlight will have a greater impact on temperatures. 

The process of photosynthesis of the trees and plants has an overall cooling effect on the environment. There is no artificial way to recreate the effect of natural photosynthesis without the presence of trees. Increased consumption means that the natural resources, including trees and natural vegetation, will be depleted much quicker. It also means that with an increased standard of living each consumer will be emitting much more greenhouse gases into the environment.

The presence of greenhouse gases in the environment, which is due to human industrialization, becomes the reason why the temperatures begin to rise internationally. On a global scale, the 21st century has seen 17 of the warmest 18 years on record. This temperature rise has multiple natural consequences. 

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The Polar Ice Caps Are Melting

A large portion of the Earth consists of water. Water is easily affected by temperature changes. A slight increase in global temperatures means that the overall temperature of the water in the oceans around the world will be higher. The warmer water in the oceans starts to melt the polar ice caps. 

The polar ice caps also have a significant role to play because they help maintain the overall temperature on Earth at a lower level. Without the polar ice caps, it could become much warmer much faster. The other effect of the polar ice caps melting is that there is superfluous water in regions that were much drier before. 

The Apparent Evidence Of Climate Change

The northernmost and southernmost regions of the planet close to the polar ice caps will experience extreme flooding due to the extra water coming from the melting polar ice caps. Depending on the geography of the location, there can be extreme weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes. This will be especially common along the coastal regions of the continents close to the polar ice caps.

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