How to easily learn the art of calculating square roots?

Calculating square roots

Many people think that calculating the square roots is a very difficult task but it is not so as it seems. The simple square root problems can be very easily solved with the help of basic multiplication as well as division and on the other hand, the complex square problems can require some of the right approaches for the people so that they can find out the answers correctly. For this purpose, the students need to indulge in practising the square root problems so that they ultimately end up learning a new mathematical skill that will help in providing them with several kinds of advantages.

 Following is the whole process about learning the part of calculating the square roots:

  • Understanding the concept of squares as well as square roots:

To understand this very basic concept it is very much important for people to consider that square will be the number which has been multiplied by it and square root will be the root of that particular number or simply reverse of the square. For example, 5×5 comes out to be 25, and five is the square root of 25. After this, it is very much important for people to know the difference between perfect and imperfect squares so that they can indulge in calculations without any kind of problem. All the numbers that have square roots into the whole numbers without any kind of fraction of decimal will be known as the perfect squares and on the other hand, which have decimals or fractions are the imperfect squares. The students should memorise the first 10-12 perfect squares so that they end up making the right kind of decisions associated with the solving of questions without any kind of problem. Simplification of the square roots by removing the perfect squares whenever possible is another very important thing to be taken into consideration so that there is no issue in the whole process and students can learn the process very easily.

  • Utilising the long division style algorithm:

For this purpose, the individuals need to arrange the square root problem like a long division problem so that they can indulge in the calculation aspect of square root and cube root. After this grouping, the digits into pairs is a very important decision to be made by the students and after this, they need to indulge in radical assigning of the values starting at the decimal point to ensure by making small marks and keeping proper track of such pairs. Then finding the biggest number whose square is less than or equal to the first group is important so that process can be initiated. Doubling the number and writing it down to drop it and subtracting it is very much important so that one can reach the square roots without any kind of problem in the whole process. After this filling of the space has to be undertaken and then the students need to continue the other numbers for the answer. After this moving the decimal point up from the original dividend will help in finalizing the answer at the right place and will help in making sure that accurate answers will be achieved.

  • Quickly estimating the imperfect squares: 

For this purpose, the individuals need to find out the non-perfect squares by the estimation method. After this estimating the square root of one decimal point has to be carried out then it has to be multiplied by the estimate itself to check if it is correct or not. If things are required further then they can indulge in the continuation of the estimating in the whole process.

 Hence, it is very much important for the students to enroll themselves on platforms like Cuemath so that they become masters of the field of cube root and square root and can solve the questions without any kind of problem throughout the process.

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