First Bank Transfer Code – How to transfer money


The First bank of Nigeria like others have codes, I mean USSD codes which you can use to perform transactions via your smartphone or even button phones.


Sometimes the queue at the bank or ATM are usually long and might not have the time to wait. Therefore, with these alternative payments, transfers could be made from your first bank account, without leaving wherever you are.

First Bank Transfer Code

  • Eligibility for FirstBank Transfer Code

The USSD code for transfer from first bank account is *894#. But this must first be activated unless you won’t be able to perform any transaction.

Transfer code for Firstbank
What do you need to activate this? Your ATM number, and also your PIN ( ATM PIN), and the number you used in opening your account. Usually, when filling the form for new account creation, you’re given space to fill in two numbers. However, the first number filled is given more priority, so if this transfer is going to work, it must be on the SIM or Number connected to your Firstbank account.

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Once you’ve got all this, then it’s time to activate. Simply Dial the code *894#, Select Quick banking, then you’ll be asked for your ATM number and your PIN. After which you’ll be allowed to create a new 5 digit PIN, And this will be the PIN you’ll be using for any transfer, Payments, or whatever you intend to do on your Firstbank account Via Smart or button phones.

Transfer Money

Fastest method

  • To transfer money dial (* 894 * Amount *Account Number#); select beneficiary bank; confirm the amount, beneficiary name, and enter the five-digit PIN; then select account to debit.
  • For airtime recharge: simply dial *894*Amount# to recharge for self
  • To recharge for others, dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and enter a five-digit PIN.
  • To generate an account mini statement, dial (* 894 * Account Number#), and to check account balance, the magic code is (* 894 *00#).

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A slow but better method

Having completed all that was revealed above, it’s now time to know how you can transfer, whether cash or airtime with your device.

First bank transfer code

Dial the USSD code *894#, select quick banking, then choose transfer money. Still, on it, a new pop-up opens asking you the amount you want to transfer, so just type in the amount and hit enter. It then asks for the account number you intend transferring to, which once inputted hit enter/send whichever.

Transfer code for First Bank

Now the most important part, You’re then shown the name of the account you intend to transfer to and also the amount, Review this and if everything displayed is okay or correct, click enter. This is the final step. First, check the message above the space provided before inputting your PIN. If it asks for 4 digit PIN that means it’s referring to your ATM PIN. But Normally, it’s supposed to request for your 5 digit PIN which you created in the process of activating this feature.

When the 5 digit PIN is typed into the space provided, Hit enter and its mission accomplished. Depending on the network you should get an alert anytime soon after the transaction.

  • Buy Airtime

For Airtime, we have to option, it’s either to credit yourself or buy credit for another person.

Meaning, to recharge the SIM connected to your First Bank account select option 2 which is (Airtime self). Take note, whenever it asks you for an amount, do not make any mistake because once you click enter it automatically credits your SIM, without even asking for a PIN.

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But Incase, it’s another SIM other than one connected to your bank account, then select option 3 which is Airtime others, input the amount, the number, and finally the PIN.

Benefits Of Using First Bank Transfer Code

  • Imagining doing what you would spend 20 – 30 minutes waiting for a while on the queue in banks, for just a few seconds. Thereby making it more convenient and also fast
  • There’s no limit when it comes to the type of device/phone you can use. Why? It works perfectly on all kinds of phones
  • Don’t think you need to have airtime or Data before you can use this Shortcode, no you don’t. All you need is a phone that’s working.
  • Whatever Bank you want to Send money as long as it’s in Nigeria, this shortcode works perfectly.
  • Talking about limits, though it depends on your account type, some are limited to 100,000N per while some range up to 1 Million Naira per day.

First Bank Transfer Code Is *894#

First bank FAQ

  • What is 894?

894 is a quick, convenient, secure, and easy way to perform your banking transactions (Transfer Money, Check Balance, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills, and lots more) anytime and anywhere, using any type of phone without internet (data).

  • Who can use this service?

All Individual account holders with phone numbers enrolled on the Bank’s SMS alert platform. Joint, corporate, and multiple signatory accounts are not eligible for this service.

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  • What services are available on 894?

You can transfer money, buy airtime for yourself and others, check your account balances, make purchases, pay your bills, open accounts, and lots more.

  • Can I use the service on more than one of my accounts?

Yes, you can.

  • How secure is 894 Mobile Banking?

894 is secure as it requires registration and PIN authentication on all your banking transactions.

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If you have any issues, you are totally advised to contact them via any of the following methods: Call 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000; SMS Short Code 30012 or email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Questions about Firstbank transfer code and how to use it, feel free to use the comment section below.

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