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The Five Best Games to Play Online Right Now

Five Best Games

The world of online gaming has gone through many transformations and has most recently been dominated by hyperrealist multi-player games. Games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and World of Warcraft all offer in-game purchases and require some level of skill, making them somewhat inaccessible. 

Similarly, not everyone has the time on their hands that it takes to construct the elaborate worlds of the Minecraft game nor do they want to dosh out the coin to make the most of Roblox.

Luckily, developers have set out to create some word games and strategy games that offer fast-paced fun that is both entertaining and accessible. Here is a look at the 5 best games to play online right now.


The latest online word game to take the internet by storm is the free-to-play (for now) guessing game, Wordle. The premise is simple, you have 6 tries to guess a 5-letter word. Orange and green blocks indicate letters you might have guessed correctly and whether they are in the right spot or not. 

Part of the allure of the game as that it is an equal playing field with everyone around the world playing the same game once a day. Enthusiastic players get to share their scores with friends in text or on social media and have bragging rights for the day. The game has also been adapted into a few different languages and even a math version, Nerdle, for those who prefer arithmetic over linguistics. 

Words with Friends

The game was released in 2009 and has remained one of the top 10 best free games with more than 250 million downloads. Players play their own friends, as well as strangers from across the globe in the ultimate, scrabble battle royal. 

You can either play a quick-fire round with a stranger or let the letters marinate on your board while you think of the best triple-score-words. Pro tip: the highest scoring word you can play is oxyphenbutazone, amounting to a magnificent 1,674 points.

Civilization VI

For those raised on Clash of Clans and Age of Empires, take a moment to contemplate diving into the world of Civilization for a healthy dose of nostalgia. Did you pay attention in history class? Then you might be able to foster a healthy early civilization and help it develop through the ages into an ultimate world superpower. Unlike other strategy games, Civilization is a turn-based game meaning you can play one or two quick rounds and leave the rest for later. 

But it is not all about world domination through money or power. Some civilizations need to have technological control or superior cultural influence to establish their position in the world. The game is available across multiple platforms including macOS, iOS, PC, PlayStation, Android, Xbox One, and more making playing opportunities basically unlimited.


Hybrid games are all the rage right now as avid gamers grow weary of the same regurgitated games trying to make a comeback. Wordscapes combines a classic crossword with an anagram unscrambler to form one totally addictive mobile word game. It also has more than 800 puzzles to complete so you are guaranteed to be occupied for quite some time.

The 10 landscapes in the background are Sunrise, Forest, Canyon, Sky, Tropic, Mountain, Winter, Flora, Autumn, and, Jungle; each offering a visually appealing level to the already entertaining game. Gameplay gets increasingly harder as you move through the levels and the addiction factor is there from the get-go. The game is available on both Android and iOS and is completely free. 

Crusader Kings 2

Even though the game has already spawned the 3rd installment, Crusader Kings 2 remains free on Steam and offers a well-rounded intro to the world of online strategy games. Pick a European country and help them navigate the perils of diplomacy and war in medieval times. 

Hundreds of randomly generated scenarios and characters keep the game organic and interesting, forcing you to choose between blackmail, sieges, and crusades. Can you keep you’re your dynasty from crumbling or will the timeline between 1066 and 1452 prove to be too perilous? Control dynasty genetics to ensure your heirs are the strongest and smartest of them all, gathering prestige and piety points along the way. 

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