Successful forex traders in Nigeria 2021

Forex traders in Nigeria 2021

Nigeria has been the land of great opportunities for Forex traders for quite some time. Due to the rapid growth of its economy and profitable trading legislation, over two million Nigerians are trading Forex right now, and this army keeps growing as you read our article. And many people in Nigeria have already reached the success you’re dreaming about! 

They’re the Pantheon, the best of the best, the ones who raised themselves from the gutter to be the richest and the most successful. Everybody knows their names, they’re all over the billboards, because they know how to trade and some of them are even willing to teach others! And the most fantastic thing about them is that they were just like you. They didn’t know what to do; they made difficult decisions and had to surrender their jobs and loan money to follow their dreams. They were down and stood back up, and most of all – they learned.

So, if you want to learn everything there is to know about trading but aren’t willing to pay for it – you might want to try JustForex. These guys definitely know how to start trading Forex in Nigeria. They won’t ask you to pay for their articles and video guides because they’re interested in you becoming a good trader and opening an account with them so that you both could profit at the same time! 

Urche Paragon

Urche Paragon started in 2007, when he was very young, and began earning millions by the time he was 23. Not a bad start, one might say, but that’s not all! His net worth is now above $16 million, and he’s still hungry for more! He’s also a songwriter, performer, and entrepreneur since he has his Forex trading school in Nigeria.

Mr. Paragon often says that he got rich because of his insatiable hunger for knowledge, and it’s entirely true. He started learning about Forex when he was in middle school because he was fascinated by the sheer might of money and the people who trade with hundreds of millions of dollars. Such people can change the course of history, he thought, and now he’s among those people. And do you think he rests on his laurels? Not at all! Urche Paragon is still trading futures contracts, and he’s teaching novice traders his unique techniques!

Many young Nigerians dream of becoming like Urche Paragon sometime, and in that, they can get help at, which is the best online courses aggregator in Nigeria. They know everything about anything, including Forex, so hurry up to see the fantastic offers they have for you!

Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa

Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa is a figure of steadfast confidence and self-control. While most success stories tell us about prodigies who get an in-depth knowledge of trading just from watching the news – it’s not the story of Mr. Afioluwa. His path was complicated and thorny. He started studying the understanding of financial flow and currency exchange markets when he was in high school, and by the time he had his first real job, he was confident enough of his trading skills to enter the market. And nothing happened, no success whatsoever.

He lost more and more money, funneling almost all of his salary into paid courses and seminars, and what’s left went to his Forex account. Yet misfortune kept following him wherever he went. In his own words, he experienced his first success right around the time when he tried every single trading strategy out there and lost money every time. And then, when he was on the verge of quitting, something clicked. I need to develop my own strategy, he thought, and his strategy brought him immense wealth!

The strategy is a secret that he only reveals to his apprentices, but from what has got out to the press – its main focus is on risk-free contracts that allow you to have steady profits over time. He’s now retired because, by the age of 28, he earned enough to ensure that his grandsons will never have to work unless they’re not willing to. 

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Blessing Ezeako

Mrs. Ezeako is a prominent example of what a woman can achieve in this cruel men’s world. She learned everything about Forex by herself and achieved it despite the most dreadful bane of all novice traders: she had to learn and enter her first trades while having a full-time job. She didn’t give up on her career opportunities up until the time when she became sure that she’s able to make a living on Forex and is now happily retired to spend time with her family and occasionally throw a seminar or two for everyone who wants to take their life in their hands.


As you see from these success stories, the road to success might be long and treacherous, but if you have enough confidence and persistence – you’ll walk it until the end, where the pot of gold awaits you.

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