Generic P35 Pro 6GB Review, Specs and Price in Nigeria

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60 Responses

  1. Theophilus Emakpor says:

    Is there no front flash?

    • Emmanuel says:

      It should have

    • samuel victor says:

      hello how can i get itel p35 pro 3g ram

  2. Pel says:

    how sure are u that we will get the exact spec we brought bcos I’ve heard rumor about buying it

    • Emmanuel says:

      Whenever you intend to buy, make sure you click and order the phone that the as same spec as the one listed above, however if what is brought for you is not the same as that which you wanted reject immediately.

    • Sule says:

      I bought the phone on Jumia but I have since regretted buying it. Apart from the internal memory, almost all other specs are fake, battery life is short, can’t open games especially PES 2019, Mortal Kombat etc for a phone that claims to have 6g ram. Camera quality is very poor, only one of the rear cameras actually works, the rest are fake.. Even touch isn’t as sensitive as expected. The phone is generally heavy… Short story… The phone is fake

  3. Bryan says:

    I tried ordering the generic p35 on Jumia and it was pay before delivery. So how do I pay ahead for what I will not have the chance to check it’s specs first hand? It doesn’t make any economic sense.

    • Emmanuel says:

      Can you try call to order. someone as to try and purchase it, so that everyone would be clerified. I would have love to, but I tell you, I have not even earned up to 30,000 naira from this site.

  4. bobo says:

    Mine just got delivered to me. I ordered the p35 pro. Amazingly there is no mention of the name GENERIC whether on the pack, the phone itself or the on screen. When I put it on they just wrote WELCOME.PLEASE DID I GET THE WRONG PHONE?

    • Emmanuel says:

      First you did you order for it through the link I provided and click on the phone that as the same spec as the one I listed. If yes, I need screen shots and pictures to before I can affirm that this information is true. Don’t be annoyed, pls can you comment your phone no, so I can get more information and know what to do next.

    • Oj says:

      Mine is one sim ,,I couldn’t find the other space for sim 2,,and also the front camera is totally a mess,no front flash,intact on the space am enjoying

  5. Femi says:

    Send the vedio function

  6. Abdul Azeez says:

    I order for p35 on jumia and after a month of order I was told that my money will be return back to me.

    • Kevin says:

      Did they return your money

  7. ifeanyi says:

    I can’t seem to find the sim port. I just received my order yesterday

    • Emmanuel says:

      Is it that it doesn’t have or you are yet to discover its location. Check the side.

  8. Precious says:

    Am about to buy this generic p35 pro,
    Pls I need advise on how to make the actual and correct delivery on this site

    • Emmanuel says:

      Precious, jumia is the site selling the phone, i am only an affiliate. Those who have purchased please he needs your advice

      • Peter Kimei says:

        I have received mine. ROM is okay but iam not sure of battery and processor.

      • Peter Kimei says:

        I have received mine. ROM is okay but iam not sure of battery and processor. How do I confirm this. Eg it says battery is 1000mah processor is 4 core. Ram is 2gb. When I instal mtk engendering application

  9. Charles says:

    I bought the phone too. Mine was delivered yesterday and it has just one Sim slot + SD card. No Sim 2 slot. It has 3 back cameras but only one is real cam. The other two are false cameras. Scam phone. Who needs an SD card in a 128Gb Rom phone. Mtcheeeww

  10. Mahmud alhassan says:

    Please is p35 pro one sim phone because I can’t find the second sim slot and inside the setting it’s indicate 2 sim cards

    • Emmanuel says:

      You can put a sim in the micro-Sd slot now, it’s either a sim and an SD Card or 2 Sims with no SD-card right.

  11. Dan says:

    Please sm1 should really send me de real information abt diz phone cuz I am hearing a lot of things and I don’t juz know de 1 to believe and I juz ordered de phone….don’t know if to cancel de order b4 itz 2 late…and plz try and send pictures too

    • Emmanuel says:

      Those who have bought the phone please help him out

  12. Ayiyeke says:

    I am going to show out the revealed truth about this phone out

  13. Flemzy says:

    Seriously me too guys I really want order the fon too but what you guys are saying really scared me I need an advice pls๐Ÿ™

  14. Ayiyeke says:

    I can help u out guy I have all hidden truth about this phone I found out yesterday but I can’t post it all here it on another website I need to take permission to post a link as comment.

  15. Neva C Null says:

    Can someone tell me how to delete the world clock. I have no use for it.

  16. Ayiyeke says:

    Exactly thats the link I wanted to post…that the truth about this p35 pro phone… The link below tells all.
    Emmanuel good job.!!!

  17. Ayiyeke says:

    By the way Emmanuel where did u get the link from.!!

    • Emmanuel says:

      Your site

      • kc says:

        Na wa o.. @Emmanuel, I posted about this phone on my site ,

        People have been complaining that the phones fakes are all fake, I think we should write a bad review on them. What do you think?

        • Emmanuel says:

          Of course, I don’t even blame the phones manufacturer, I blame the stores selling them. Do you know some stores went as far as to advertising those fake products on google AdSense without getting the detailed information about that phone(which made me believe a lie). These stores are only concerned about selling.

          @KC write the bad review about that phone and let our visitors know the truth.

  18. nok says:

    I made an order have completed the payment as well. Having done that, i later followed the comments on here and discover that almost all the p35 pro sold out by jumia are fake. Please, i want to confirm the authenticity of this information. The phone has not been ship yet. Please, your kind advice

    • Emmanuel says:

      Lots of complaints have been laid down by most people who bought it from Jumia, but since you’ve made the payment, I don’t really know what to say than to hope that you really get the original.

  19. eo4iii says:

    the fone lags, front camera na scam ,ba3 doesn’t last

    • Ayiyeke says:

      I can’t believe after all the ways I tried to stop this yet pple Still buy that unbranded Chinese phone it’s a full fake..please u guys should just stop wasting your time on that phone. After all my reviews and revealing the truth about the phone, yet u guys are making huge error buying it

  20. Nok Garry says:

    Please how authentic is this
    ITEMGeneric Upgraded Version P35 Android 9.1 Smart Phone 6.2”Dual 8Cores 4G+32GB 3G/4G LTE

    • Emmanuel says:

      I can’t say but if don’t mind I would love to give you an alternative doogee Y8 And Y8 plus with 16 / 32 GB AND 3GB RAM, Face ID And many more here is the link.

      • Ayiyeke says:

        Yes doogee is okay to go with at a cheap price…but please don’t buy generic phones๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ’” they are unbranded phones

      • Kevin says:

        Do you know of anyone who tried to return the phone and got their money back from jumia pls I need to know

        • Emmanuel says:

          Sorry for not replying earlier, Have you bought it already or you intend to buy.

      • Kevin says:

        I need to know as soon as possible.. Thanks

  21. Emmanuel says:

    I’ve already made an order for this device and am yet to receive it am seeing 8gb ram

  22. Abdulrahman says:

    I bouhth mine July and am enjoining it, my advice is to publish the way to recognize original from fake, also improve on battery capacity, selfy using volume key.

    • Emmanuel says:

      Tank you very much can I get some Snap shots of the phone @[email protected]

    • Eze says:

      Please where or how can I recognize the real spec of this phone someone should help me

  23. Jude Igbanoi says:

    I just entered one chance!
    Mine was delivered today and it’s sad. Yes, no front Flash. Battery live very short. Capacitive touch not very active.
    Jumia, whyyyyy?

  24. samuel victor says:

    please i need itel p35 pro

    • Emmanuel says:

      Samuel,the itel p35 series is not available in Nigeria or do you mean generic p35 pro

  25. Onyeka says:

    Pls I’m asking about spare parts of generic p35 pro 6Gram 128Grom more especially the screen and calibrator

    • Emmanuel says:

      I thought I actually deleted this post, this is a generic phone however, you can easily get the spare part, however gist me, is the phone okay, because a lot of review’s from people says it’s not

  26. Isabel says:

    I saw how beautiful the phone was and the price was okay, so I decided to check the capacity. When I saw 168gb I knew something was wrong somewhere, how can a phone of that price have more than 32gb. Just going through the comments I can safely say I was right

  27. Isabel says:

    You guys should be very careful when purchasing a phone, most especially on jumia. They are untrustworthy

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