How to get 5 GB for 1000₦ or 15 GB for 3000₦ on Airtel

5GB for 1000 naira 15GB for 3000 naira

What’s up my people, how are you guys doing?  I know how hard it’s in the country right now and also how expensive data bundles are.

But in a world where 5G is becoming a thing, where people stream videos of over 2GB data and even most pictures sizes on social medias are now over 1 MB e.g Facebook.

If this is so, then, you can’t waste all your hard-earned money on data and that brings about this post.

I discovered a trick, very legal that helps me get 5 Gigabytes of Data for 1000 naira on Airtel or 15 GB of data for 3,000 naira also on Airtel.

There’s something interesting beneath this post don’t miss it.

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Procedures to be followed in order to get 5 GB for 1000 naira on Airtel.

1.) The first thing you need is to have two sim cards, one being Airtel or both.

2.) The next thing to do is to isolate your Airtel Sim i.e do not use it to call anyone, do not recharge it, or even buy data on it.

3.) For how long, try it for two weeks and then dial *141#, click on my offer.

If you see service temporarily unavailable or anything related it means you still have to patient. But if you see 5 GB for 1000 naira then it means you’re good.

Before you rush off, there’s something important thing you need to take note of, it’s just beneath the post.

Procedures needed to get 15 GB for 3000 naira(Very important and interesting)

1.) As stated earlier you need two Sim cards.

2.) So you isolate one of your Sim which would be an Airtel Sim.

3.) Also, wait for two weeks without recharging, nor calling, or purchasing Data with it.

4.) After two weeks dial *141# and then click on my offer.

Three things can happen here

1.) You might see service unavailable


2.) Offers that are not really pleasant. I mean 1.5 GB for 1000, 750 MB for 500 naira, and the likes


3.) Our goal, 5 GB for 1000 naira which would Last for 14 days.

So the question is how do you convert this to 3000 naira for 15 GB which would Last for a month or more

Well it’s very simple I tell you. All you need do is to make sure that after you purchase you 5 GB for 1000 naira, do not recharge the sim unless you want to renew the data plan.

Meaning, you don’t call, or recharge the sim, you sacrifice this sim for a cheap data plan.

After trying for two weeks if it does not work try for another one week, and if it doesn’t another one week, by then it should. It’s worth it. I feel free watching videos on YouTube downloading and the likes.

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