How To Get More Youtube Traffic (FAST) – Viral Marketing Techniques

YouTube is a marketing space for video creators now. The platform that was previously used for fun vlogs has realized its true potential as a marketplace and is leaving no stone unturned in using its full potential. It is the second-largest search engine after Google, and now that Google owns YouTube, you can see YouTube videos in the search results of Google too. Now, do you see how YouTube can be largely beneficial for businesses all over the globe? YouTube gets millions of viewers each second on the site, so why shouldn’t your videos have some audience out of them? 

Youtube Traffic

YouTube can grant a good amount of exposure to your brand provided you know how to work the website. A good video can keep bringing in revenue long after it has been uploaded. You can also check out the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers when you are getting started so that you can stay ahead of your competitors. The right video will bring you more youtube  views and subscribers, adding tremendous value to your channel

Youtube recently launched the youtube shorts. Of course, we will also provide you with a few tips to increase engagement on YouTube organically, and strategies to help you optimize your content. They are: 


To get traffic from search results, you must learn to optimize your video for Google keywords. This improves your chances of showing up on YouTube and more importantly, Google searches. A lot of the traffic you see is garnered as a result of direct searches so by optimizing for keywords, you will be thinking ahead. There is no ultimate tool for keywords but a few you can use are – SERP, Google Ads Keyword Planner, etc. Don’t stuff keywords in, use them carefully during optimization.


Catchy titles should be able to grab eyeballs every time an audience looks at them. At the same time, it should not be clickbait – people get tired of this very quickly. A title should be able to arouse interest in the audience without answering all the questions in the title or video description. Remember – the goal is to make your audience watch the full video. People crave entertainment, so even if your video is largely informative, try to think of an entertaining title to go with it. This can increase the clicks on that video and gain more revenue for you.


Interaction and annotations bring life to a simple YouTube video clip. It tells the viewers to do tasks such as subscribing to your channel or liking the video. It is a sure-shot way to increase engagement on YouTube. You can also invest in the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers so that your subscriber count remains up and motivates others to give your channel a chance. You can also ask them to follow you on other social media accounts, which can drive engagement on your other profiles as well. 


You should create custom thumbnails for every video and add catchy words that help emphasize the point of the title. Use high contrast colors and pictures of high resolution to attract people to it. A blurry image is a huge turn-off to many and can prevent people from watching your videos. Use a close-up image and having a signature pose helps as well. It must reflect what your brand is about and at the same time be able to make the audience curious about the content of the video. 

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Metadata is everything you add to your video to make it easy to find and define the video properly. This includes the title, description, and tags of the video. While the title must be catchy, the description must be precise and give some information on what the video is about. You can also link your previous videos to increase engagement on YouTube or the names of other social media handles below it so that there are other avenues on which your audience can follow you. Tags help the video rank higher in the searches whenever someone asks a specific query in the search box.


Now that you know the workings of YouTube and how you can optimize your content, you should get started on it immediately. You can also use these tips to optimize old content, you never know who might get interested in it. Getting millions of subscribers is not an easy thing to do on YouTube and takes years of hard work from your side. But some ways can certainly speed up the process. If you invest in the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, there is no reason why you can’t be on top of the creators’ list soon. It can surely increase engagement on YouTube and build a positive community for you that is appreciative of your amazing efforts.

We have mentioned the most important tips and tricks to gain a foothold in the YouTube community and we are sure that you will incorporate them into your channel very soon. You will see how much YouTube works in favor of your business once you take the leap into content creation for a global audience. You will also gain valuable input from the audience that can help you in improving your product or service, or even the quality of your videos.

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