How to check plagiarism directly from your Mobile?

Prepost SEO pliagarism checker

Plagiarism is a widespread problem among students and content creators. It is the process of stealing and passing off the ideas or words of another person as one’s own. It’s all about using another’s production without crediting the source.

If you are paraphrasing a text, it is essential to mention the creator by adding citations to avoid plagiarism. If you are paraphrasing “without crediting the source,” then it means that you are plagiarizing your work.

Types of plagiarism

Plagiarism comes in many forms, such as:

Global plagiarism

It occurs when you are taking an entire work by someone else and presenting it as your own. When you hire someone to write an essay or assignment and submit it as your work, you commit global plagiarism.

Paraphrasing plagiarism

It means that you are rewriting a piece of text in your own words without citations. It is the most common type of plagiarism. Paraphrasing itself is not plagiarism when you properly cite your sources. Furthermore, when you translate content from another language, you need to mention the source correctly to avoid plagiarism.

Verbatim plagiarism

Whenever you directly copy and paste content from somewhere without attribution, it is known as verbatim plagiarism. Keep the structure and the majority of the words the same as the original content. It will be word-for-word plagiarism. By adding in-text citations, you can avoid this type of plagiarism.

Mosaic plagiarism

It means that you copy phrases, passages, and ideas from different sources and combine them to create a new text. It requires a little more effort than copying and pasting, but plagiarism checkers still detect it.


It refers to reusing your work like brand new content when you’ve already gotten credit for it. Your work will also be self-plagiarized even when you use your previous ideas, phrases, or data.

How to check plagiarism directly from your phone?

Before checking plagiarism, you must know what it is and its consequences so that you can put your efforts to remove it. However, the question is how to check plagiarism to avoid it. Many AI-based tools all over the internet allow you to prevent plagiarism via your phones and laptops. Some efficient plagiarism checkers are:

This online AI-based tool provides you great help to avoid duplicate content without difficulty and instantaneously. It allows you to scan the docs, text, and pdf files for detecting plagiarism. Its plagiarism checker app for android has the OCR technology to identify plagiarism in any document.

Prepost SEO pliagarism checker

OCR technology allows users to capture the photo of the paper to upload and check plagiarism instantly. You can assess This plagiarism checker mobile to scan physical text such as handwritten or printed material without writing it in word format. Some of the promising features of this app are:
This app is free to use for android users around the globe.

  • It allows you to check out the remaining queries. Go to the account tab, which is present in the lower right corner, and then go to the profile to have the details about your used searches and the limit.
  • Its free plan has a query limit of up to 200. However, you can get more queries by availing of premium plans that offer up to 500,000 searches.
  • It allows you to check plagiarism by uploading the file, pasting the text, or directly taking pictures from the camera.
  • It allows you to log in instantly through your Google account
  • It supports multiple languages
  • It provides you with the plagiarism report for later use
  • It displays the source and the website of plagiarized content
  • It works precisely and identifies inappropriately paraphrased content
  • This application is safe and secure and doesn’t save your content in its database

Plagiarism Checker by Fitness Here

Fitness pliagarism checker

  • It is one of the best applications to correct typos, grammar errors, and copyright violations in your piece of writing.
  • It offers its services usually free, but it also has some paid plans for better results.

Inside the application, it has proofread the reader to modify your content and check plagiarism and then helps you remove it.
Its premium account offers you punctuation control, jargon suggestions, and fake verification marks. Therefore, it is the best available option for bloggers and students, but professional organizations should use its paid versions to address their problems.
Grammarly has a website and an application for your smartphones so you can have easier access to detect and remove plagiarism from your text.

Consequences of plagiarism

It is essential to learn about plagiarism Before attempting any writing project. It would be best if you found out what creates plagiarism and how you can avoid it. The rules to avoid plagiarism are easy to understand and follow.

Consequences of pliagarism

Try using an online plagiarism checker to check your writing for plagiarism before submitting or publishing your work. Dishonesty will lead to a ruined reputation, loss of a career, and legal problems.

  • For students, Plagiarism claims can cause a suspension or disqualification from institutes. It will add ethics offense to the academic record and create difficulties while entering college from high school. Schools, colleges, and universities take plagiarism seriously, and they have academic integrity committees that set strict laws for students regarding plagiarism.
  • If you are a professional person or public figure, plagiarism can damage your reputation and entire career. Your organization may fire you or may ask you to step down from your present position.
  • Everyone knows that Copyright laws are absolute. So you cannot use another person’s content without adding citation and reference. If the author finds its work, then he has the right to sue a plagiarist.
    Many reports have exposed plagiarism by reporters, writers, public figures, and scholars. If the author sues a plagiarist, then he may be granted monetary restitution. On the other hand, the offending plagiarist has to pay financial penalties.

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  • Plagiarized research leads to some serious threats. For example, If the study belongs to a medical field, the consequences of plagiarism could mean the loss of peoples’ lives. This kind of plagiarism is considered monstrous.

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