How to Compress or Reduce image and still retain it quality on Android.

Are you tired of your phone storage getting filled up due to excess sizes of images, due to advancement of phone cameras in this 24th century.

Well if that is your case then this is your solution.

Quickly let me Explain what image compression means 

Image compression involves minimizing the size in bytes of a graphics file without degrading the quality of the image to an unacceptable level.

How to compress image size on android

1.) Download image compressor app.

2.) Install and Launch the App.

Image compressor

3.) Choose the image you want to compress and click quick compress or compress whichever, but I would advice to use quick compress.

Image compression

5. It compresses the image and shows you the original size( i.e the size before you compressed it) and the present (I.e size After compressing it). 

Image compression

6.) You can choose for the compressed image to either replace the original or not, if you don’t want it to replace the original, just click Exit. Automatically the compressed image will save it self in a folder named image compressor.

Image compression

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