How to download files larger than 15 MB on opera mini using Airtel social bundle 2020

How to download files more than 15 MB on opera mini using Airtel social bundleWe are all aware that airtel placed a limit on the size of a file you can download at once while using the Airtel social bundle. 

But if Airtel social bundle offers 600 MB for 300 naira, while then should the size of a file that I want to downloaded be limited on my own money, if this is you, cheer up because things are about to turn around.

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How to download files larger than 15 MB with Airtel social bundle(there’s a link below to download the apk)

1.) You need to download the old Opera Mini_7.5.4.apk, don’t uninstall the new opera mini you have because both of them can be installed together.

Then copy the page URL of the file (not the file link but link the page of the file) you want to download and paste in this downloaded operamini 7.5 apk URL tab or you could just locate and load the page with the Opera mini 7.5 apk.

This is where the real deal is and it might look a little complex, but I assure you, you’ll get just pay attention.

Now hold on to the file you want to download or on the download button on the page (whichever it is)

A pop up comes; click open in the tab

As soon as the new tab is open reload your present page


Before or after your present page finishes reloading a pop up should come up asking you to download, but take note that you wait for your present page to finish reloading before clicking on the download feature that pops up.

Note before you click on the download link: you’ve gotten the information you need and just want to leave like that, habah, please help share by clicking the share button, and also comment na, thanks, enh enh you can now go.

Download Opera-Mini 7.5 old apk

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