How to make your phone run faster

Hi there, have you noticed a decrease in your phone speed and don’t know what to do about it, and even most time your phone freezes, well I know how you feel, have been in your shoes before, but cheer up, you may ask why? Well it’s because that is getting solved today.

How to make your Phone Run Faster 

First Procedure

You need to check your phone RAM and make sure that you are not using more than 70 percent (except or maybe your phone is still new). This is one hard thing to do for gamers.

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Second Procedure 

You also need to check your phone storage and make sure that you are not using more than 65 percent (except your phone is still new)

Then you need to reduce your phone animations and this only possible if you enable developer options

How To enable developer option on your smartphone

Go to Settings > About phone and scroll down to the System section to look for Buildnumber and tap on it several times to enable developer option.



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