How to Print a Document, Picture, or File When You Are on the Go

How to Print a Document

If you have ever been at a point where you are on the go, not close to your office, and need to print a file or document, the experience can be quite stressful. Luckily, printers are everywhere, and looking for one can be as easy as doing a Google search. Many still ask questions like can you print documents at Walgreens? And the answer is yes, nowadays, you can print at Walgreens, in libraries, using online services, etc. So this article is an answer guide on how to print in public places for someone on the go. 

At School or the Library

Most local libraries that are open to the public offer various services aside from renting books, and one such additional service is cheap printing. If you are a student or have access to a school/library, you can print your documents at a low price per page or for free. There is also a chance that your institution’s website has instructions on printing a document that can come in handy in case you don’t know how to. 

You should know that printing confidential documents or those with personal or sensitive content in such places is not ideal, especially if you are using an unfamiliar computer or web portal. Also, if the printing device is at some distance from the computer, you risk someone else having access to the document after you print it, depending on the library’s setup. 

Online Printing Stores

Online printing stores are a cheaper alternative to print files and documents for people in no rush to collect the prints. Several companies like FedEx and Office Depot can ship your files at low prices if you are far from their physical location. Online print stores are, however, more economical if you have a big project, say, you need hundreds of copies of a specific document. Printing in bulk is cheaper in the long run since you will be paying a few cents for each copy compared to buying a single copy. 

Office Supply Retailing Stores

Most office supply retail shops exist to sell printers, paper, and other similar materials but also provide their customers with printing services that you can use to cater to your printing needs. Office Depot, for instance, has pretty low prices and offers same-day printing and pickup services for essential documents and all you have to do is place your order on working days before 2 PM. 

Hotel Offices and Apartment Service Centers

Hotel office service centers and most apartment complexes offer scanning, copying, and printing services to their guests or residents. Although these services are usually reserved for people living there, you can politely request the office staff to print out a document for you, and you never know; they may be willing to. Asking for help doesn’t hurt!

Shipping Stores

Did you know that shipping centers like FedEx and UPS also offer affordable printing services other than shipping the holiday gifts and Amazon returns you are sending? For instance, the UPS Store, which has over 5,000 stores across Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico, provides printouts in various colors, including black and white, single-sided & double-sided printing, multiple page sizes printing, lamination, and document binding for those who need an excellent essay or report. 

FedEx Office, which competes with The UPS Store, also offers similar printing and copying services where documents can be picked from your location and shipped back but at an additional cost. 

Pharmacies & Drug Stores

Most pharmacies and drug stores can be ideal places for you to print your files if you urgently need to do so. Other than selling drugs, drug stores and pharmacies also offer copying and printing services that can suit your needs. 

Copying & Printing Stores

Although coping and printing stores are a dying trend, finding a store dedicated to offering print services is not impossible. You can try doing a Google search for copying and printing stores near you to find out if you are close to any. Finding a locally owned copy-and-print store will be an advantage since their charges are usually lower and do not require premium subscriptions to access their services. 


In closing, whenever you are on the go and urgently need to print a picture, a file, or a document, you can try any of the ideas listed above. If you are dealing with confidential documents, you need to be careful when choosing where to print your files to avoid information leaking to an unauthorized person. 

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