How To Protect Your Privacy Online using a VPN?

To safeguard your personal information and privacy, a VPN software apparently changes your device’s IP address by masking with some other IP address, encrypts your data, and routes it via secure networks from VPN servers in another location. A VPN, in simple terms, encrypts network data on your computer so that it cannot be read by others, such as your ISP or someone snooping on a public Wi-Fi network you’re using. 

Consequently, your online identity is masked, and then you’re allowed to safely and privately surf the web without any fear of hacking or data theft. That means your genuine name, location, and what you do online are all kept hidden from prying eyes to a significant extent. VPNs have begun to be utilized by common consumers as privacy concerns have risen in recent years.

Free vs. Paid VPN

There are many of “free” VPN services available, however, we strongly advise against using them. VPNs are, at the end of the day, based on trust. You’ll never be able to check that a VPN service is telling the truth when it claims to have a no-logs policy–you’ll just have to trust it. They can have your personal information which they can sell or use for their own purposes if they want.

Although not all free VPNs are fraudulent, it’s worth paying for a VPN service from a reputable company if you truly want to protect your privacy.

Protect Your Privacy Online using iTop VPN

iTop VPN is a best-in-class VPN service with a large number of privacy, unblocking, and streaming features and a free version with 700MB data usage per day.

In addition to the VPN connection, iTop VPN offers ten helpful privacy protection solutions below.

Security Reinforce

Users of iTop VPN are the only ones who can use this feature. Your PC will be less likely to experience data leakage if this feature is turned on. Furthermore, any sneaky or harmful defects will be recognized and fixed automatically.

 Online using a VPN

Servers and Protocols

iTop VPN has given users with over 1800 dependable servers from all over the world with just one click to connect your device to the network of servers. In addition, the free version offers 16 servers around the world.

Click the Change icon to the right of the server name to connect to a different server location.

Besides, iTop VPN provides 3 protocols. 

  • TCP provides high-level privacy protection for most users. 
  • UDP has a faster speed with a larger data usage.  
  • HTTPS unblocks more restrictions like school and research networks.

iTop VPN connects to the fastest network protocol by default. By altering the settings, you can select the protocol that best suits your needs.

No-logs policy

iTop VPN for PC adheres to a strict no-log policy, which means that this VPN will never monitor or record any information about your profile, including your input/output IP, transitory servers, or websites you visit.

Browser Privacy

Users of iTop VPN can have their browser traces cleaned up immediately. Until now, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Waterfox have all been supported by this feature.

Browser Privacy

IP Configure

iTop adjusts your IP address to meet your requirements: default Best Server IP (spare or closest IP); Different IP (Dynamic IP); Same IP (Static IP). Using the iTop IP setting, you can always get the best IP address.

Ads Block

iTop Private Browser is an ad-blocking browser that prevents pop-up advertising. The database update for the advertising feature ensures that new ad behaviors can be detected and prevented. Users can utilize the allow list to create custom filters to keep adverts on specified websites.

Ads Block

Split Tunneling

While utilizing other apps with local internet connections, VPN split tunneling routes some of your app traffic through an encrypted VPN connection. You may safely broadcast, share, and download without interrupting your other activities.


iTop VPN prioritizes IPv6 connections, allowing your PC to connect to IPV6 servers for free, ensuring that all users have secure access to the iTop. IPv6 is currently supported by iTop American, Japanese, German, and French servers, among others.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch function prevents the VPN connection from being abruptly terminated. In this case, iTop VPN will immediately close the tunnel, keeping your data secure until the connection is restored.

DNS Protection

The bullet-proof security provided by iTop VPN stops internet traffic requests from being leaked, lowering the chance of being hijacked or spammed by fraudsters.

As hacking and surveillance become increasingly widespread, investing in a VPN is the best way to secure your privacy and data security.

Remember that a VPN allows you to add additional levels of online privacy and protection to your online activity.

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