How to save or backup your installed apps on your phone internal storage inside a folder

Most times, when you download applications from playstore or the likes they only get installed on your phone i.e your RAM and are not stored on your phones storage.

Take for instance, by mistake, one of your apps got uninstalled and then you discover that the only option you have now is to download another one and waste MB.

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But, with this that I am about to reveal, Know for sure that all your important apps could be backed up and this could safe you the stress in future, if by chance you make a mistake.

How to save your installed apps on your phone internal storage in a folder

1.) I willl recommend you get es file explorer installed on your phone, this does the job smooth and fine

2.) Launch the app, and at the home page you should see images, videos, apps e.t.c. The picture below you help you understand

3.) Click on apps, and a page that contains all your apps should be open.

4.) Locate the app which you intend backing up, tap, hold down and a pop up should be displayed

5.) Then look at the tab beneath, and on finding backup feature, tap on it, this should backup your app immediately and save it in a folder called backups.

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