How to Share Apps Via WhatsApp Platform

Many of you never knew you could share applications on WhatsApp, all we do with WhatsApp is send text messages, video calls, send cool pictures and documents.

But should you know that apart from all the aforementioned, there’s something which is important that could have helped some people, at some point of need in their lives.

Well am not sure about the United States, but let’s take my country Nigeria for example, for those using Airtel, you should all be familiar with Airtel social bundle, a plan that enables you to connect to the internet world via Facebook, WhatsApp, operamini and Instagram only.

Now imagine that one of the apps listed above went missing, and all you have is this social bundle or Whatsapp plan, and believe me there will always come a time when you won’t have real data no matter how advanced you think your country is, however let’s get to the main point of this beautiful post.

How to Share Apps Via WhatsApp Platform

The first thing you need is a file manager, but I will recommend ES file explorer, if you don’t have you can use your normal phone files manager

2.) Make sure the app you want to share is not just installed on your phone, but could also be located in a folder via the file manager.

What if the app is only installed on my phone and can’t be located, is there a way out? Yes there’s

Checkout: How to save or backup your installed apps on your phone internal storage in a folder

3.) Locate the app which you want to share, tap and hold down for a second, then tap the share button

Sharing app via WhatsApp

If your file manager is a nice one like mine, this should pop up; share via lan, WhatsApp, xender, and lots more, so just tap on share via WhatsApp, the app opens immediately.

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