How Writing Can Make You Stronger

How writing can make you stronger

A wise man once said that a pen is mightier than any sword. Not many people understand how a pen can be stronger than a sharp weapon, but history is evident that many nations only gained their freedom only through the pen. This article has briefly discussed how writing gives you the power no weapon can. 

Helps You Discover Yourself

You need to know where you stand. If you are confused, you are weak. Writing helps you understand yourself and form an opinion. If you are a wise man and a good writer, your opinion will keep changing as you keep discovering yourself. 

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You are basically talking to a smart person when you write – that smart person is you. You listen to yourself and find things inside your mind that you didn’t know. Self-awareness gives you a strong standing and finds you a place in this confusing world. 

You Get People Who Listen to you

If you have something good to share, you should write it down and share it on online platforms that have a good following. There are people like John Doe who always welcome unconventional stories, no matter how bitter they might be for readers. 

This helps people learn many new things and gain a different perspective. With time, you start to gain an online following of people who read your articles and believe you. Even the most powerful are scared of people with a following. Changing the public opinion about something can destroy the strongest of businesses and armies.

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