Huawei Y7P Special and Hidden Features

Wether you like it or not every smartphone comes with a cool feature which could sometimes be hidden, but with post like, I intend to unveil most phones unexploited features by users.

Huawei Y7P Special features

Night mode; you can now take pictures at night without worrying about brightness as the device promises to capture every detail when using this feature or mode. The camera combines Ai stabilization and 6 seconds of exposure time.

The OS EMUI 9.1; this is not just an operating system but is behind the reason why many will love this phone and why is that, first the ROM read spead as unveiled is enhanced by 20 percent, secondly You can easily transfer all the content in you old Huawei phone to this one, in just one click, and third is that the system provides an extra storage where one could store up to 1000 pictures or songs, isn’t it amazing.

The next feature name might not sound interesting but what it does will blow your mind.

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Smart Gallery Searching; permits you to search for pictures not just by what name you gave it but could easily detect pictures with humans and ones without humans even without internet connection, you can try it by typing people and see the wonder.

Video ringtones; am sure many have never heard of this before, well with this, instead of using ringtones, one can use videos as ringtones for incoming calls

Where To Buy?

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Special Price

The Huawei Y7P Price in Nigeria starts from 70,000 Naira while in Ghana is Around 959 cedes and Kenya is available for 18,000 shillings

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