IT Recruitment Technologies and Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people cope with most tasks. It made us switch to the digital world and settle all issues online. These developments have also influenced recruitment strategies and tools.

New recruitment technologies

 Current IT recruitment services focus on keeping abreast of the times to gain maximum benefit for the companies and satisfy their need for the working force. The following information will be useful for both future candidates for the positions and HR managers.

  • Lesser focus on the education of the candidates

 During the last few years, the representatives of many world-known companies like Google and Apple have abandoned the requirement for compulsory university degrees. These shifts in hiring practices have not only become great news for candidates but have also made the recruiting process much easier for the companies. Such a tendency is explained by the rapid development of technologies that have created many opportunities for self-education, without having to spend time and money on university education. What’s more, according to the Stack Overflow research almost 50% of all developers are self-taught. 

  • Remote Commands

 In 2022 remote work is the dominating tendency. Many companies tend to work remotely full-time and don’t even have an official headquarters. Some enterprises are trying to “balance” between working in the office and remotely. The benefits of remote teams are clear. This strategy enables hiring candidates from any city or country which is usually cost-efficient. Successful remote teams focus on communication using chats, video calls, and tools for increasing productivity.

  • CV relegates to the sidelines 

 How does a candidate’s resume really help a recruiter? In fact, a resume is just an inventory of skills and experience a person has. What’s more, people usually mention in their CVs only what they want the recruiter to read. Some facts may be missed out, and some of them maybe not be true. 

Graduation from a prestigious university, having a certain number of years of experience in a well-known company, courses and training do not reflect the true abilities of the candidate and are not enough to understand whether the person is really suitable for this vacancy.

That is why the assessment of the candidate is more important than studying his or her resume. But in this case, the evaluation of the candidate process must be conducted professionally. It is something that HR specialists should be thinking about right now.

  • Recruiting becomes even more sophisticated

Recruiting becomes an even more advanced science that focuses on special technologies and methods. Recruiters will hold specific positions to help candidates navigate the recruiting operations more efficiently. However, most businesses still believe that a recruiter has to do everything: source, recruit, and conduct interviews. Many companies use the same recruiter for performing multiple tasks. Such a specialist hires both a Product Manager and a Big Data Developer using the same approaches. This process cannot lead to equally good results for all vacancies. It also cannot guarantee a positive interaction between the candidate and the company. Sometimes it is much better to ask an employer branding consultant for professional advice to increase the recruitment performance.

IT recruitment technologies 

 By automating the recruitment process you can increase the efficiency of HR managers’ work, and save invaluable time and also money. The estimates show that by making use of technological wonders a company can increase its recruitment performance by up to 40%. Firstly, it helps to avoid human errors. Secondly, automated systems allow HR specialists to work from any spot and take full control over all essential processes using detailed reports.

Popular digital HR technologies 

  • Video interviewing 

 This strategy lies in conducting the interview of the candidate via video format. It usually means that a person has to answer a set of given questions on a video and then send it to a recruiter. 

  • Chatbots 

 Chatbots represent specific programs that can interact with the users using a particular algorithm that helps to replace a real person. They are beneficial for the search and selection of personnel. Some programs are aimed at the collection and analysis of vast data flows. It makes the lives of HR specialists much easier.

Final thoughts 

 The digitalisation and automation of principal recruitment elements must be the main focus of all companies, especially those delivering recruitment services. To keep afloat it is essential to track all modern trends and follow them. Otherwise, you stand a risk of losing potential employees and decreasing the company‘s performance.

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