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ITel P36 Price in Nigeria, Specs and Review 2021

ITel P36 Price in Nigeria, Specs and Review

Itel surprised everyone with the P36 series, that looks just like the vision one, which was expected at first, before we realized that itel had a change of mind and decided to give us another phone with same features in Africa.

ITel P36 Price in Nigeria, Specs and Review

ITel P36 Review

The display of this Smartphone is observed to be a 6.5 inches HD plus narrow waterdrop one, that features high resolution of about 1600 × 720 pixels, with and also, when measured appears to have a large screen to body ratio.

What makes the design of this device cool is no other than the rear camera arrangement which resembles that of iPhone 11 and the ultra slim body measured to be 8.9 mm, this does not just makes it portable but also allows it to fit into the palm of the hand properly.

Things get more interesting as itel mobile itself made it clear that the p36 is Equipped with an unprecedented Double S Line design, and a superior matte frosted glass (AG) spraying technology, all this together gives the Smartphone a Sleek and premium feel.

Did you know that this phone is both water and dust resistant.

One of Selling point of this smartphone is the double AI rear camera layout. This includes two sensors and all together gives 8 Megapixels. The first is the main camera while the second is the depthvision camera(Bokeh effects), while the selfie camera is also an 8 MP sensor.

Storage is cool as we find it to be 16 GB supported by 1 GB of RAM but comes with 3G network connectivity.

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Is ITel P36 a good Phone?

Battery capacity of this phone might be considered another selling point of this new guy as it banks a 5000 mAh battery, infact am jealous and won’t mind getting itel p36 or the pro for my self. Please comment before you leave, love you all.


Does ITel P36 support Fast charging?

Yes the itel P36 support it as a result of it revolutionary fast charging technology  and comes with a 10W fast charger.

Is ITel P36 Waterproof

You should know that the itel p36 comes with a design that makes it dust and water resistant but to an extent. So do not submerge this device for too long.

What’s the difference between ITel P36 and P36 Pro?

The main difference between this two device is that the ITel P36 has 1GB of and 16 GB storage. While the P36 Pro has 2GB of RAM and 32 GB storage.

How do I open P36 SIM Slot?

ITel P36 has it sim tray by the left. Inorder to open this SIM tray, make use of the Sim ejector pin. By pushing the pin straight into the hole provided. After that is done the Sim trays pops out a little. Complete the rest of the process using your hands.

How much is ITel P36 Price in Nigeria

Itel P36 price in Nigeria starts from 35,000N and is 439 GH¢ in Ghana.

The ITel p36 price in Nigeria Slot is 39,000N 32GB 2GB RAM.

On Jumia Itel p36 price in Nigeria is 34,990N.

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This smartphone is Available in both offline and online stores, you can get yours now.

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