How To Sign Up on Netflix

Netflix Sign up

Want to sign up on Netflix and don’t know how to, or maybe you’re not really convinced, well there’s more reason for you to be.

The Netflix, Inc as gotten from wiki is an American over-the-top content platform and production company.

Netflix primary business is a subscription-based streaming service offering online streaming from a library of films and television series, including those produced in-house.

So how do I sign up for Netflix in Africa? The answer is below.

Choosing a Plan

First you to need to either visit Netflix website or you could download their app from Google Play Store.

Once opened, you’re greeted by a pop up asking to see plani. And you’ll find this below it.

  • Everything on Netflix for one low price.
  • Unlimited viewing on all your devices.
  • No commitments, cancel anytime.

Right after which is the see plans box. So there are three different plans and here’s what they offer.

Basic plan comes at a Price of 7.7$

For this plan you get good video quality, at 480p resolution. Also, you’re allowed to see the latest movies whether on your Smartphone, tablet, personal computer or TV.

Standard plan comes at a price of 9.5$

Here you have a better video quality, at 1080p resolution. Like mentioned earlier, any of your gadget is acceptable. But the interesting part is that movies could be seen on two screens at the same time. But for the basic this is not possible.

Premium Plan comes at a price of 11.6$

Finally you get the best video quality. As you get 4K HDR resolution. How many screens have you got there. This plan permits seeing movies on 4 Screens at the same time.


Add payment method

After selecting the plan that meets your budget, you’re immediately taking to the add payment method details. Once this is done you’re good to go.

Why you should sign up on Netflix

In 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph had an idea to rent DVDs by mail. They tested the concept by mailing themselves a DVD. The DVD arrived intact, and the idea for Netflix was born.

The by 1998,, the first DVD rental and sales site, is launched.

Thus in 1999, The Netflix subscription service debuts, offering members unlimited DVD rentals without due dates, late fees, or monthly rental limits.

Year 2000, A personalized movie recommendation system is introduced, using members’ ratings on past titles to accurately predict future choices.

In continuum, around 2002 Netflix makes its initial public offering (IPO), at a selling price of $1 a share under the NASDAQ ticker NFLX.

Furthermore, by 2003 Netflix is issued a patent by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to cover its subscription rental services as membership surpasses 1 million.

Besides that, in 2005 The Profiles feature launches, allowing members to create different lists for different users and/or different moods. While in 2006 Membership grows to 5 million.

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Still on it, by 2007 Streaming is introduced, allowing members to instantly watch series and films. And by 2008 Netflix partnered with consumer electronics brands to allow streaming on Xbox 360 console, Blu-ray players, and TV set-top boxes.

As it gets more interesting, After nearly three years and 40,000 submissions, the $1 million Netflix Prize is awarded to the team Bellkor’s Pragmatic Chaos for improving the accuracy of recommendations by 10%. Streaming partnerships expand to internet connected TVs as membership surpasses 10 million. The Netflix Culture Deck is published.

Continuation On why you ought to sign up on Netflix

Year 2010, Netflix arrives in Canada and streaming launches on mobile devices. The first dedicated kids experience debuts on streaming.

This company continues gain ground all over, as by 2011 Netflix launches in Latin America and the Caribbean. The first Netflix button appears on remote controls.

We’re not done Yet, by 2012 Membership reaches 25 million members, and expands into the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic Countries. Netflix ventures into stand-up specials with ‘Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same.

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Almost done, in 2013 House of Cards,’ ‘Hemlock Grove,’ ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black’ usher in the first slate of original series programming. ‘House of Cards’ goes on to win three Primetime Emmy awards – the first for an internet streaming service. The Profiles and My List features debut on streaming.

You would be surprised as by 2014, Membership surpasses 50 million and extends to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Netflix begins streaming in 4K Ultra HD.

Moving on to 2015, their first original feature film (‘Beasts of No Nation’), Netflix first non-English original series (‘Club de Cuervos’) and their first Asian original (‘Terrace House’) debut. Membership extends to Australia, Cuba, Italy, Japan, Spain and New Zealand.

Everywhere my friend by 2016, Netflix expands to 130 new countries, bringing the service to members in more than 190 countries and 21 languages around the world. The Download feature is added for offline and on-the-go viewing.

Talking about 2017, Membership hits 100 million members globally. Netflix wins its first Academy Award, for ‘The White Helmets.’ The introduction of interactive storytelling and the Skip Intro button gives members more choices to tailor their viewing experience.

By year 2018, Netflix is the most-nominated studio at the Emmys, winning 23 for series including ‘GLOW,’ ‘Godless’ and ‘Queer Eye.’ PIN protection is rolled out as part of several parental control enhancements.

While in 2019, Netflix wins four Academy Awards, for ‘ROMA’ and ‘Period. End of Sentence,’ and debuts its first original animated film with ‘Klaus.’ New production hubs open in London, Madrid, New York and Toronto. ‘Bandersnatch’ wins the first major Emmy for an interactive title.

Finally in Year 2021, Top 10 lists debut, allowing members to see what’s popular for the first time. Netflix is the most-nominated studio at the Academy Awards and Emmys. The Hardship Fund launches to aid creative community workers impacted by COVID-19, and two percent of our cash holdings move to financial institutions supporting Black communities.


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