POLARIS BANK TRANSFER CODE – Airtime, Transfer & Balance

Polaris Bank Transfer code is *833#

Polaris bank transfer code

Polaris Bank have a smart code through which one could carry out certain transaction, without leaving ones location.

However, inorder to be able to use Polaris bank transfer code, it must first be activated on the the mobile number linked to the Polaris bank account.

How to Transfer Money Using Polaris Bank Transfer code

Like I mentioned earlier, this needs to be activated and you can do that by simply dialing the shortcode *833#. After that, A message pops up with an option or space for you to fill the required details. The you’ll be asked to create a new 4 digit PIN, which would be the one you make use of anytime the Smart code is being used for transaction.

Zenith Bank Transfer code

Having done all that, how do you send money with that transfer code from Polaris bank? There are two ways or method that can or could be used.

Dialing *833#, Selcte transfer, and fill everyother details. But the most popularly used method is the one below.

This second way of transferring money from Polaris involves dialing (* 833 * Amount * Account Number#). If that Is correctly done, a pop up message comes up, asking to verify the account number and account name. All being okay by you, click send and it’s done.

How to Buy Airtime using Polaris Transfer Code

With the Polaris smartcode one could also purchase airtime, whether for others or oneself. You can either dial 833#, select airtime and other necessary details. Or Dial ( 833 * AMOUNT#) to buy Airtime for yourself or dial (* 833 * AMOUNT * PHONENUMBER#) to buy airtime for others and follow the on-screen prompts to keep the conversation going.

First Bank Transfer Code

Remember that if any of this will work, it has to be on the Line/phone number linked with your Polaris account.

Benefits Of Using First Bank Transfer Code

  • Imagining doing what you would spend 20 – 30 minute’s waiting for while on the queue in banks, for just few seconds. Thereby making it more convenient and also fast
  • There’s no limit when it comes to the type of device/phone you can use. Why? It works perfectly on all kinds of phones
  • Don’t think you need to have airtime or Data before you can use this Shortcode, no you don’t. All you need is a phone that’s working.
  • Whatever Bank you want to Send money as long as it’s in Nigeria, this shortcode works perfectly.
  • Talking about limits, though it depends on your account type, some are limited to 100,000N per while some ranges up to 1 Million Naira per day.

How To Check Account Balance using Polaris bank transfer code 

Your account balance is something you always want to know each time you perform a transaction. How do you go about that using the Polaris smart code?

Start by dialing *833# and selection the balance option. Please note there is a 10 Naira charge to check your balance. That’s all on Polaris bank transfer code.



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