Reasons for installing a VPN app on your kid’s laptop

Reasons for installing a VPN app on your kid's laptop

The internet is a technology that seems to be ever-expanding. As such, it can offer a lot of different information. However, this can also create potential issues as it has a lot of users on a regular basis. Amongst those users, there have to be some “rotten apples”. Our privacy and protection online get more and more important as each day goes by. More importantly, this protection has to be extended to our children who are more reliant on the internet than ever before. Especially today, when many children use the internet for online classes – to study and use online tools to help them improve writing skills. Moreover, if you are, in general, worried about what websites you child is using – one of the solutions is installing a VPN app on your kid’s laptop.

The introduction to VPN

The internet is a vast space with millions of different websites and information. However, not everything is as accessible as it seems. Many different countries and organizations can easily block entrance to a certain website for personal or bigger reasons. More importantly, not every website we visit is user-friendly and we never know what is the true purpose behind it. In those scenarios, our internet security might be endangered and our private information exposed. For that reason, protecting yourself and your loved ones from such danger seems like a must.

There are more benefits to VPN other than anonymity and privacy protection

Short for Virtual Private Network, VPN helps the user remain anonymous and protect private information when browsing the internet. By using high-end encryption protocols and the ability to change the IP address, it protects the identity and personal information of the user while online. More importantly, by using VPN when browsing, the user ensures they are not being tracked or under any surveillance by any third parties such as the government or the ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, installing a VPN app on your kid’s laptop can create a safer environment for the child and that is what we will talk about.

Reasons to install a VPN app on your kid’s laptop

The time in which we live today is very reliant on the internet. It provides all the information you require and is an easy way of communicating with other people regardless of their geographical location. Now, regardless if your child enjoys playing free educational games online or likes to chat with their friends, their online security should be the number one priority. As they are little aware of how the internet works and what they can find there, your best bet is to take matters into your own hands. As your child safety always comes first, choosing a VPN app to protect what your child sees and does online is the best precautionary measure you can take. Here is why:

  • VPN stops all tracking and surveillance
  • The private information and data sent from the laptop will be impossible to read due to encryption
  • You get to choose what websites will not be available for your child

Pay attention to:

VPN is a great way to prevent potential cyber-attacks and other threats one can face online. However, by using VPN, your children might visit websites or download apps without you knowing it. As most VPNs use the no-log policy your child can easily get away with it. A no-log policy means that once your child disconnects from a VPN it will erase all the logs created in that session. Meaning that everything your child did or downloaded will disappear. Communicating with your child and explaining the potential dangers of visiting certain websites on their own is the best precautionary measure you can take. Moreover, constant control over their online activity is the best way to see if your child does something it should not. 

It allows you to block certain websites

The internet is full of different kinds of websites and each day there seem to be more and more websites created. However, if your child is, for instance, using their good laptops for study, there should be no reason for them to visit other websites besides those for school and study. If you want to make sure that they do not stray away online – you can block certain websites from the search engine. Meaning that, your child will not be able to access those websites while using a VPN. 

Installing a VPN app on your kid’s laptop prevent potential cyber-attacks

One of the biggest issues people have with the internet is the constant information gathering from different websites. As kids might not be aware of this, they can easily succumb to the temptation of entering personal information for some “prize or reward”. Phishing scams are on the rise and they keep adapting and changing forms. Be wary of those types of websites or messages. By using a VPN your child will be safe from such websites and messages that pop up on those websites. However, pay attention to the e-mails and messages they receive on a personal level.

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VPN can help you hide the location

Hiding your location is one of the best things you can do online. If you have not noticed, there are some websites that display where your connection is coming from. This indicates that your activity online is being tracked and that others (website) are aware of the location from which the connection is coming. This is mostly due to the unique IP address you have. Well, by installing a VPN app on your kid’s gaming laptop you can mask your real IP address with a virtual one from anywhere around the world. After that, everything you or your children do online will be masked and your real address and location will not show. However, note that most websites do not have a bad intention of tracking you. On the other hand, by exposing themselves online, your children can leak private information that can create potential issues with cybercriminals.

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