The Best 10 Free Educational Games For High School Students

Free Educational Games For High School Students

Being in high school can be stressful with a lot of studies and assignments to be submitted. But still, there is a lot of fun too. This article is all about the fun part, this article covers the tops 10 educational games for high school students that can be played on Android Smartphones and that is because smartphones come with features and apps we cannot do without.

There are educational apps that high school students need. Also, games to help relax and catch fun with other students. Like they say all work without a little play can make Jack a dull student. Just kidding. Let’s get down to the top educational games for high school students.

Playing games is one of the ways to be productive and even having games on your side is one of the ways to cool off after lots of work or study. Some of these games can be counted as minimal game because they can run on any smartphone irrespective of the RAM size or processor.

Top 10 Educational Games For High School Students

1. Skillz–Logic Brain Games

With over 10 million downloads already, this game is a must for high school students. A game to play during spare times and still learn while relaxing. It helps train your reflexes, increases accuracy, making decisions in tight situations.

A logical game that helps high school students train both their left and right brain. Games include maths quiz, color identification, and many more. One good thing is that it has a multiplayer feature that helps you play with friends and other colleagues in class.

Download Skillz on  Android and IOS

2. Brain Training

A fascinating game that helps students build up their brains through quick exercises that makes you think fast, math brain test, with also memory power to help test their retaining abilities. This game is packed full with many brain improving games to help any high school student. Brain training has over 10 million downloads already. That says it about the game.

Download Brain Training on Android

3. English Skill

An English game for high school students having problems with the English language. The game includes a word search, hangman which you can review and build on your vocabulary learning. With other more interesting games in this app, you won’t regret downloading it. It has over 1 million downloads on Google play store. You won’t only learn English you will have fun doing so.

Download English Skill on Android

4. Math/Riddles and Puzzle Math Game

As the name implies a mathematics puzzle game that helps you learn maths and as well as having fun doing so. Challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit in trying to solve riddles as well.

With over 5 million downloads and still counting the stats says it all. This game will help all high school students improve in mathematics in general. The app has an app in purchase to enjoy unlimited access to all the features.

Download Math/Riddle on Android and IOS

5. Sudoku

Sudoku is a classic puzzle game that helps the students in high school think fast when encountered with difficult problems to solve.

It helps train your game and have fun while doing so. The game isn’t that extremely difficult, it helps in highlighting duplicates, auto-check for any errors. Complete daily tasks and win unique trophies for yourself. A good game to play during spare time from schoolwork.

Download Sudoku on Android. and IOS

6. Word Legend Puzzle: Addictive Cross Word Connect

A crossword connects the game in which the player connects given letters to get the correct word. A very good addictive game that helps high school students learn new words and also catch fun doing so. As you progress through the game, it comes difficult and so new words which you know nothing about can be learned during plays.

Download Word Legend Puzzle on Android

7. Scrabble Go: New Word Game

An original word game in which you learn new words from playing. Just like the old traditional scrabble game, us no exception but comes with a modern board and features to make the game enjoyable.

The game has different modes and a league where you go up with the winnings to show your progress. Scrabble Go has over 10 million downloads. That shows how educative the game can be.

Download Scrabble Go on Android and IOS.

8. Maths All Level Quiz Games

With over 1 million downloads and still counting Maths, all levels are an educational and fun game centered on mathematics. Each level brings a new challenge to maths which includes algebra and many more. You learn maths while relaxing. Not like the ones you learn in the classroom. This game will help any high school student improve in maths.

Download Maths All Level Quiz on Android.

9. General Knowledge Quiz

Last on the list of educational games for high school students is the general knowledge quiz. Unlike the normal quiz, this game is quite different. It has a wide stream of questions that will test your educational standings.

It contains questions from history, science, and so on. All questions are linked to Wikipedia so you can learn while answering. With over one million downloads this app is a must-have for you in high school.

Download General Knowledge Quiz on Android and IOS.

10. Between The Lines

The game gets you going in no time. Want to train your mind  and brain?  then try this game out.  You will try to guess a word behind a drawing and the meaning hidden behind each diagram.

This game also teaches you idioms and its meaning. You’ve had fun having done so. One drawback here is that almost all the saying is British idioms which might be difficult to solve for none-British Students.

Download Between the Lines on Android and IOS.Conclusion

 About Educational Games and Importance

There you have it all these games can help you learn and also have fun doing it. You can try all these games out and you won’t regret it. They are games meant for all ages if we look at it from a general perspective it is a game for anyone to sharpen their brains and get to improve in their thinking and of the way to be productive in your own way within your self as a person.

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