Tips to get more likes on Instagram

get more likes on Instagram

A company makes an Instagram account with the goal to market its products and services. And after a month, they notice just a few likes on their pictures. Well, this doesn’t showcase their business success. Hence, to get the maximum out of your Instagram for your business, you should attract followers and motivate them to engage with your content, drive traffic and boost sales. Here are some tips to help you get more likes on Instagram:

1. Click high-quality pictures

Looks are important on Instagram as people judge your brand depending on your post even before knowing about your products or services. Hence, you should post impressive, high-quality pictures. The better the photos are, the more shares, likes, and comments they will receive.

2. Post IGTV Content

As per a survey, people are spending 55 minutes daily accessing content on Instagram. IGTV videos are four times bigger than pictures and using them is an amazing way to allow your potential followers discover your content. It works like a mini YouTube channel to entertain, educate followers about you. 

3. Social ecommerce

Instagram has added specs to allow companies to sell directly to their followers and help customers know your products and services without leaving the platform. It will help you boost your followers as you share your best sellers. 

4. Make Instagram guides

Instagram guides were launched to make guides or sources to make discovering products, services, and recommendations simpler for followers. It can involve products, brands, influencers, celebs to be published. 

5. Make IGTV ads

You can boost your Instagram likes and followers by linking your ads to your IGTV posts. You can monetize your IGTV videos to get more traffic to your site and increase followers on your account. 

6. Prepare engaging content/ stories

There has been a massive rise in the popularity of Instagram stories. You can keep your present followers engaged with your brand in your feed. Include hashtags to your stories to be explored by new followers and get new likes. 

Upload videos, reels, Tik Tok content to help your followers get involved with your Instagram profile. An active account gets more followers. So, make sure you post stories daily.

7. Make use of Instagram highlights

Using Instagram stories helps to enhance your followers, but it lasts just for 24 hours until you add them to an Instagram highlight. 

The highlight permits you to save some stories and showcase them on your profile to your present and new followers. 

8. Use Instagram analytics

Using your Instagram analytics will help you know more about how you can attract more followers to your profile. You can use Instagram audience analytics and individual post analytics to discover the kind of content your audience will like and follow and grow your page accordingly.

9. Make Instagram reels

They are small videos supported by music lasting from 15 to 30 seconds. You can call it a replica of Tik Tok. It has gained great popularity and can be a good way to boost your followers.

10. Mention your brand in your bio

Your Instagram is more than your introduction; it can increase your followers. Make sure your Instagram bio is visually appealing when you are introducing yourself. 

Add keywords to your bio so that followers can check out your brand and product. You can also go for the branded hashtags to connect better with your online audience and motivate new followers.

11. Make use of Instagram Close Friends to post Exclusive Content

The Close Friends feature on Instagram allows you to share exclusive stories. It is great to post content for someone specifically. You can use it for updates, discounts, and preview of your products and eventually boost your sales and followers.

12. Do not ignore competitors

Mostly all companies respond to social media comments in a day and if you ignore complaints or comments, it may not be good for you. When people notice a brand or company responding to comments, they are likely to follow and like their posts and products. 

Direct messaging or quick response are more appealing than a brand advertising. You call it social media for a reason because it is all about being social. Consistent replies will increase your engagement. 

13. Publicize your Instagram on your site

Add an Insta widget to your site to drive more followers and likes to your profile. This will make your Instagram accessible to your website traffic. 

Encourage your buyers to post pictures for your brand using hashtag on your profile to increase your brand image.

14. Include Instagram QR Code

You now have a custom QR code for your profile so that people can easily find you on Instagram. Place the code on the business cards, thank you cards, and packages to promote your profile. 

15. Pin your best comments

You can pin comments from raving followers, customers to highlight in your post. Pin essential details which you have forgotten to add.

16. Make use of a consistent aesthetic

Make sure you are consistent in your Instagram aesthetics to develop your business. Just use the same filter, layout and feel to maintain your visual identity. It will make your profile recognizable by your followers and help you get more likes.

17. Promote your Instagram profile on other social media platforms

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat to share your Instagram content. It will allow you to leverage the profile traffic and make them come to your Instagram profile and generate more likes and followers. For instance, you can just embed posts or use widgets to share your Instagram posts on your blogs.

18. Use famous and local hashtags

Using famous and local hashtags help you reach potential customers near your location. Look out for top Instagram accounts in city and use their hashtags. It will help you connect with people near you and gain more followers and likes. They will help you reach out to a large group of users.

Using famous hashtags will help you rack up your followers and boost your account’s credibility too.

19. Include your location to your content

Adding a location enhances your local engagement and likes. You can add local hashtags or add a geo-location to your content. You can also use an Instagram story sticker to add your location.

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