Top 4 ways To make your phone battery lastlong

Make Battery lasts longer

Hello, Hi there, in todays post, am going to be talking about, how to make your phone battery last longer.

This is a most know for everyone using a phone in this 22nd century, as most times, we have lots of task to accomplish, while making use of our smartphones and in most cases we are not often comfortable using the phone while it’s being charged and this brings about the need for a post like this.

Although this might seem kind of impossible, but I dare you to try and see if it doesn’t work. Am not guaranteeing 100%, but I guarantee that it will work, and, I tell you it works. So let’s get to work.

How to make a New phone battery last longer.

1.) Never Charge With A Generator

This my not apply for those in USA, Ghana, and some other countries that have constant electric power suppy, but for some countries in some parts of Africa were Generator is vastly used and an example is like my country Nigeria.

Do you know your battery discharges faster whenever you charge it with a generator than when you charge with normal power supply providee by your country.The science behind will not be explained.

You also need to know that the electric current supplied by the countries power holding company is suitable and best for your battery and why is that, it’s because the current supplied is an alternate current and not just that the transformer and fuse regulates the amount of current you receive in your sockets and extension boxes, but the current supplied by generator is direct current, and though it regulates but you notice that you bulbs are brighter when using generator than when using normal power supplied.

2.) Charge your phones’ battery only whenever its percentage drops to 30%

You see many people make this mistake of getting their phones’ charged when the phones’ battery percentage is almost giving up, this is bad, and it’s because our phone batteries types are mojarly Li-ion (which is designed to last best between the percentage of 30 and 80. Don’t wait for your phone to beg of you, before getting it charged.

3.) Get A power Bank 

Might be wondering why I advise you do it.

The thing is once your phone gets to 80% you are expected to charge with a power bank that is rated with a voltage more than 5.4 . When your battery reaches 80 % less current is transferred to battery and if more current that needed enters it causes heating and damage.

4.) Never Overcharge Phones’ battery

Also never overcharge your phone, most of you plug your phone and sleep off, it weakens the phones battery.

Well you are the one who wants your battery to last longer, my business here is make it known to you.

How To Make an old Battery last long 

Procedures 2, 3 and 4 should help. Also you can charge your old battery with a generator, it’s old right, so it’s free to be charged with a generator.

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