Union Bank Nigeria Transfer Code – How to transfer money

Union Bank Nigeria

Union bank like Everyother bank have a shortcode, that makes like easy for their customers. This transfer code make transaction fast and simple.

It’s obvious you Know code already, but there’s something you need to have at the back of your mind. This shortcode can only be used on a line/mobile that was registered with the bank account.

Union Bank Transfer code

Union Bank Transfer Code is *826#

  • How to Transfer Money 

First of all There’s needs to activate this service, which is very simple, just dial the code (*826#) and fill the necessary details. Those required Fields or value, such as PIN or ATM number will displayed, so just fill-in the right details.

After that, you are now eligible to perform transfers, using the union bank code.

Start by dialing (* 826 * 1 * Amount Account Number#) to transfer money to a union bank account. However if you intend transferring to a bank that is not union bank follow this procedure – Dial ( 826 * 2 * Amount *Account Number#).

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Remember that you leave no space in-between those values. After click send, then a pop up will come, so as for you to verify the transaction you’re about processing. Then your PIN will be requested, input it, click send and mission accomplished.

  • Transfer or Buy Airtime

Other than transferring money you could also Save yourself the stress of going to look for recharge cards, especially when you want to recharge big amounts like 2000N, 5000N or the likes. With the union bank transfer code friends and family life nes could be recharge, just making use of your mobile phone.

So, how is it done, start by dialing (* 826 * Amount#) to recharge for self. (This means the line connected to your bank account).

But if peradventure you want recharge another line of yours or maybe a friend’s own use this format – Dial (* 826 * Amount * Number#). I hope you understood that.

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Benefits Of Using Union Bank Transfer Code

  • Imagining doing what you would spend 20 – 30 minute’s waiting for while on the queue in banks, for just few seconds. Thereby making it more convenient and also fast
  • There’s no limit when it comes to the type of device/phone you can use. Why? It works perfectly on all kinds of phones
  • Don’t think you need to have airtime or Data before you can use this Shortcode, no you don’t. All you need is a phone that’s working.
  • Whatever Bank you want to Send money as long as it’s in Nigeria, this shortcode works perfectly.
  • Talking about limits, though it depends on your account type, some are limited to 100,000N per while some ranges up to 1 Million Naira per day.

Check Account Balance

Ofcourse there’s need to know the amount you have left after any transfer or transactions is made. And by just dialing this code (* 826 * 4#).

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USSD ShortCodes

Function Shortcode
Check balance *826*4#
Airtime purchase (self) *826*Amount#
Airtime Purchase – (third party) *826*Amount*3rd party mobile No#
Transfers to UBN account *826*1*Amount*Account No#
Transfers to Non UBN bank accounts *826*2*Amount*Account no#
Bills payment *826*28*amount*userID#
Data capture after enrolment *826*3*account no#
Card management (block and unblock card) *826*21#
Cardless withdrawal *826*7*amount#
Limit increase *826*8#
Data purchase *826*9*amount#
Mcash *826*22*merchantcode*amount#

Union Bank FAQ

We’ve got you covered, therefore you don’t need Data to use this service. You’re welcome!

We are really serious about simpler smarter banking, just dial *826# from your registered mobile number on the banks system.

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That’s one less thing to worry about. a pop-up message will be displayed on your phone screen and an SMS notification will be sent automatically to your registered phone number with the Bank.

Our 100-year experience has taught us that it’s better to give than to receive. Registering on *826# is absolutely free!! Just dial *826# to register. The registration is only done once you dial the numbers for the first time.

Performing a transaction via *826# is free.

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The question is what can’t you do with *826# USSD? It’s more than a USSD code because the possibilities are endless. Here’s a little tease of what you can do:

  • Keep it simple and smart, pay bills.
  • Send money to other UBN and Other Bank Accounts.
  • Buy that anniversary or birthday present you almost forgot.
  • Generate a pay-code and PIN for cardless withdrawal transactions.
  • Stay connected, buy Airtime for Self and others on all major networks.
  • Keep tabs of your rising empire, check Account Number, Balances, and BVN on the go

All Nigerian Banks Transfer codes

That’s all on union bank transfer code, hope you found the information, you were searching for.

Questions about Union Bank transfer code and how to use it, feel free to use the comment section below.

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