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Web.whatsapp.com login guide 2021
Whatsapp web login

Whatsapp web is no different from the whatsapp on mobile devices. it is a web version of the whatsapp on mobiles. Only that somethings will not work with whatsapp web on pc/desktops as it does on mobile devices without proper applications of the procedures or guides on this page. welcome to geniusspecs your no 1 tech blog, informing the world.

WhatsApp Web login

1.)  Get the desktop App on WhatsApp.com/download or Just visit web.whatsapp.com 2.) Open the Desktop App on your computer.


3.) Choose WhatsApp web on your phone.



4.) Scan QR code in link to your account.

Web.whatsapp.com Scan


5.) You’re all set to go. Like and Share

IF Whatsapp web camera is not working or not scanning – How to Fix

In the process of connecting your whatsapp web to your phone, you discover that your camera is finding it difficult to scan the QR code which will then automate the connection. what to do?

  • Check your internet connectivity. A poor internet connection will affect scanning of the Qr code. Scanning a QR code is like hiting the enter button after typing a web address in the url tab. this certainly would not work, as the page will not open, except there is a good internet connection.
  • broken camera – who knows, your camera might be broken.

Features of WhatsApp Web

Voice And Video Calls On Whatsapp Web

Another feature, which offers you the opportunity to chat with your friends and family for free, no matter their location

Talking about voice and video calls, go beyond mere chatting into listening and seeing the beautiful faces of your loved ones. With this you need not worry about call charges as it’s absolutely free. As long as you’re connected to the internet.

Guide on How To use voice and video call features
  1. Go to BlueStacks website, which is  www.bluestacks, and download BlueStacks. What is this for? Well it happens to be Android emulator for computers.
  2. After download, open WhatsApp and login with your normal credentials.
  3. Take note that one you login Tom WhatsApp on BlueStacks, you’ll be automatically logged out of WhatsApp on your phone. Why? Because you used the same phone number you’re using for your WhatsApp on mobile device, to login to WhatsApp on BlueStacks.
  4. Having done all, the final action you need is to add your contacts, open chat threads and comfortable have your voice and video calls.

Sending Texts Via Direct messages or Group Chat

With WhatsApp web, family and friends could be texted via your PC or desktop. Just like how you have groups on Whatsapp Mobile so you have it on Whatsapp web. You should know that while you can send text messages you cannot send broadcast messages on whatsapp web unless you follow the guide below.

Best Way to send BROADCAST messages with Whatsapp web

It’s easy, all you need the do is to follow the procedure above under voice and video calls. And after that, you’ll need to add your contact, why? Because you’ve no Sim Card in your system. After that, open a chat thread, and start sending texts to your contacts.


With this feature, all yours chats are only seen by you and the receiver, no.other person can view you chats. Wether video, documents, pictures or sent applications.

Sending Photos and Videos Via WhatsApp Web

Send photos and videos on WhatsApp instantly. You can even capture the moments that matter to you most with a built-in camera. With WhatsApp, photos and videos send quickly even if you’re on a slow connection.

Sharing of Documents

Send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more, without the hassle of email or file sharing apps. You can send documents up to 100 MB, so it’s easy to get what you need over to who you want.

WhatsApp Web Not Working Fix

  1. It might happen that you face issues with connecting WhatsApp, but that’s no big deal. First you have to ensure that the internet connection is still available.
  2. Inorder other cases, you might experience computer connection problem. Whereby a yellow box box pop overs your chats with this warning “Computer not connected”. This means that your computer connection is disconnected or not available. Hereby you have to ensure that both the Your Smartphone and computer is connected
  3. And for those using WiFi, whereby both the computer and phone are connected to the wifi. There’s need the check the WiFi connection on both gadgets. So with all this properly checked, WhatsApp web connection Should work just Fine.

Log out of WhatsApp Web

It is absolutely normal to be done with whatsoever you’re doing with whatsapp web, So how do i log out?

 logout out of whatsapp web on pc

Make sure to be on this page on your browser web.whatsapp.com, the click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the page. scroll down long menu list that comes up, locate and click on log out

Android device:

To log out of whatsapp web using an android device, open the whatsapp app on your phone. Click on the three dots by the top at the righ hand side. Now select whatsapp web, a page opens showing the devices on which youre logged in. Finally, select log out of all devices and you’re good to go

Ios Device:

Just open the app on the Ios device, click on settings, select whatsapp web and click log out from all devices

How to use darkmode on WhatsApp and Web

The Darkmode feature gives one a classic view when toggle on, especially at times when the environment appears to be dark.

WhatsApp Darkmode on mobile device

Whenever you intend using this feature, head over to settings;


  • click on chats and then tap the theme option


  • A mobile pop up comes showing exactly what we have In the picture below.

So select dark and within the twinkling of an eye, you have the dark mode activated.

WhatsApp Web Darkmode


This procedure involved is no different from the later. However, start by opening the settings page, which you will find in menu that comes up whenever you click on the 3 dots located at the top right corner. Select settings, chats, then theme and you are good.

Top 8 Tips, Tricks & Hacks on WhatsApp and web

Right on this page I will be revealing top 8 hacks, tricks and tips for WhatsApp and web

1 Advanced Search

This WhatsApp feature does not just allow you search for contact Names, but you can also specify what you’re actually searching for. wether an image, a document, gifs, post or any other thing sent to you.

Advanced Search

2 Dynamic custom Wallpaper

WhatsApp now allows users to set specific Wallpaper for specific chats. Try this by opening a chat, then click on the three dots at the top right corner, tap on wallpaper and select from the beautiful grid of wallpapers. After that close the chat, and then reopen. The selected custom wallpaper should be there already.

Custom wallpaper

3 Disappearing Messages

Users can now toggle on disappearing Messages on chats or groups, meaning after every seven days the chat or chats will be cleared. This feature is really helpful especially when you own a WhatsApp group were lots of irrelevant message are sent as result of an arguments or any other thing.

Disappearing messages

Don’t stress yourself any longer, start by opening the chat, then tap chat top bar, scroll down a little and you should find the disappearing Messages button.

4 Photo Editor

I think WhatsApp is trying to tell it users not to just upload those photos like that, but Try adding some filters, stickers and text. This can be done whenever you want to upload an image on your WhatsApp Status.

5  Custom Stickers

By now you should have seen Stickers flying in any of the group you’ve joined on WhatsApp. But here’s the big idea, with the sticker make app, you can create custom WhatsApp Stickers. Just open play store and search for sticker maker and install. After which you open the app, select an image from your gallery and the interesting part is that this app automatic crops the image.

6  Mute

Everyone experience this, series of  incoming message every second on WhatsApp. However with the mute option, which you will find by clicking on the 3 dots at the top, one can mute notifications for specific time or always.

7 Storage Management

We constantly get media and others sent to us on WhatsApp which after some periods of time occupy way too much space than expected, but with this Whatsapp feature, life is mady easy.

Storage management

Head over to settings, click on manage Storage, and then tap manage manage Storage. On this page, you can see the big files sent to you on WhatsApp which are occupying your storage space. The interesting part is that those files could be deleted right on that page, just select them and click the delete icon at the top bar.

Free up space

8 Custom Notification

For the special people in your life, WhatsApp makes available a feature that allows you to set specific notifications for specific chats.

Business App – Whatsapp Web

The WhatsApp Business app allows users or business owners to showcase their services products by creating a catalog. This makes it easy for customer navigate and locate fast the product which such is interested in. And finally increase such business owner income.

Features WhatsApp Business app

Cool messaging tools

One might not be always online to quickly reply or give response to customers who have sent a particular message to your business account. whatsapp business app is therefore equipped with “Quick Replies”. With this feature a custom message could be created which would be auto sent to every new customer that is messaging for the very 1st time or after 30 days of inactivity, which is known as greeting message. The other which could be reffered to as away message, is a quick reply sent to customers whenever a business account owner is not online or available.

Business Profile

This actually comes before the latter when setting up a business account. On this particular page, business owners are given the opportunity to fill their business name, address, websites, email and the llikes. This helps in getting customers fully informed about ones business.


Every business account owner on whatsapp are given a statistics page. The content of this page is usually in this format – Message sent, Message Delivered, Message Read, Message Received. This makes it easier to keep count of the aforementioned.

Downloading and connecting whatsapp business App to whatsapp web

Actually, the whatsapp business app could be downloaded on any of your mobile devices. The next step being connecting it to whatsapp web the normal way as already explained in this post. however, some people may decide to rather have this app installed, as just using whatsapp web connected to mobile devices has some limitations. Getting this app installed is quite easy and no different from how you install whatsapp itself on pc using bluestacks. Scroll back up and check under the voice and recording sub heading to see the detailed guide on install whatsapp business app on pc using bluestacks.

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