How Online Tools will help Learners for Improving Writing Skills

How Online Tools will help Learners

Is this writing an easy task?

Writing is not as easy as we think. The most important thing is to capture the attention of the reader. Your writing should be comprehensive and even simple enough that a lower-level reader could also take it easy to understand. So, there are a lot of things under consideration while writing something for others. Now, many online tools are there on the internet, which can help you to produce better writing. Let’s talk about them:

Plagiarism Tools:

Must check the plagiarism of your writings before uploading it on the internet or sending it to others. In order to get ranked in the marketplace, it is important to produce plagiarism-free content. Similarity content is not acceptable by search engines like Google or Bing. So, there are many copyright checkers available on the net. Let’s have a look at them:

It is a reliable plagiarism checker with which the plagiarism check task becomes easy and simple for a writer. You can check plagiarism by uploading a whole file in any format, providing a URL and adding text into the given box. This plagiarism detector can check one thousand words for free. Suppose you are required to check plagiarism for more than 1000 words then you have to use its paid version where you can check plagiarism up to 25 thousand words at a time. This is the best online plagiarism checker providing you complete and accurate reports in detail

This plagiarism tool will assist you to check plagiarism by pasting a specific piece of writing, by pasting a particular URL, or by uploading a file in any of the following formats like .tex, .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .odt, .docx, and .text. Word limit is given up to one thousand words. A writer can also exclude a specific URL by inserting that URL in the given space by the tool to skip the content for plagiarism check, found from that URL.

This tool also provides the best quality as a copyright checker. It also enables its users to check plagiarism up to 1000 words free of cost. This plagiarism tool checks the content quickly so that the user may not wait a lot.

This similarity checker cares for the security of the user’s content. It provides an easy and simple environment for its users. The data provided to this tool is deleted after checking for plagiarism. It offers a word limit of up to 2000 words at a time for free.

It will definitely be proven as the best grammar checker. It enhances the readability of your content by improving your vocabulary and detecting the spelling and grammar mistakes from your writing material. It can fix 250 kinds of English mistakes. It suggests the correct spellings, alternative words, or other better suggestions for phrases.

Grammar Girl:

This tool offers friendly tips to its users so that they can improve their skills to write online content. It can answer all the complicated queries regarding grammar mistakes by the writers. The writers can take a guideline to correct writing styles, punctuation, and vocabulary from Grammar Girl.


Every writer must have this tool in his or her device’s library. You can’t write extraordinary if you do not have a variety of vocabulary to write an essay even of one thousand words. So, Thesaurus offers you the best vocabulary collections. It also provides the best collection of antonyms and synonyms. This online tool can also suggest you avoid the most overused words to make your writing different and excellent from others.

Hemingway App:

It will enable its users to edit their content easily. This tool deals with the correction of passive voice sentences, overused adverbs, and many more. You can also see your readability score, which tells how much your content is comfortably readable by the readers. The error contained phrases are highlighted by this tool. 

Writer’s Digest University:

It is one of the best online workshops that will assist you to optimize your writing abilities. Writer’s Digest University offers online workshops to the users to improve freelance writing work and short stories etc. You can find almost 76 online workshops on a vast variety of topics.  

Grammar Book:

It offers the best solutions to its users for improving the writing styles that help its users to produce the best quality of content. It has punctuation rules, blog posts, and grammar queries. It uploads a new blog post every Tuesday about grammatical issues.


Suppose that your content is better regarding the grammatical issues, but it also matters how much readability score, your content has. But all writers do not care about this essential factor. Readability-Score assists its users to calculate the content readability score easily. It rates the score from 0 to 100. In this way, the quality of content can be checked by the higher score rated by this tool.

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